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5 great apps on the Microsoft Store

Microsoft has been working hard to make the Store act as the ultimate destination. Gone are the days when Windows users had to scour around the Internet for getting software and apps which made their life easier. Online casinos also seek to simplify users’ lives, there are several games and excellent bonuses such as the bgo Promo Code. Now, it is possible to get your hands on amazing apps directly on the Microsoft Store. Here is a selection of the top five apps:

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe is one of the revered software developers. Even though Adobe have come out with numerous tools for Mac and Windows, very few have been free for use. The Adobe Photoshop Express is a great photo editor which is also free. It manages to provide all the key ingredients necessary for any photo enthusiast who is not a professional. There are about 45 effects available in the editor to make a ton of changes to the picture. Some of the features include cropping, red-eye fixing, support for RAW format, and more.


The Windows Media Player may come inbuilt even with the latest version of Windows. However, the VLC has quickly become the preferred choice of a media player which can handle just about any format. The VLC media player is perfect for someone who demands a lot of control over their content, as it has a ton of features. Furthermore, VLC is open source and it is frequently updated to bring new set of features and options.


Reddit has become an influential part of the Internet, as it is one of the most visited sites today. There is something for everyone at Reddit through the means of communities and subreddits. In such a scenario, Readit app comes as a huge assistance for users who want to stay on top of the latest Reddit posts. There is support for Reddit Gold feature along with themes. Since the interface is too good, it is quite possible that users will not regret using the desktop version at all.


The popularity of the YouTube app is much better than the desktop version. However, it still manages to miss out on some key features like the ability to browse through channels and videos without having to struggle with stopping the video. The myTube app will be handy when trying to watch videos, read comments, browse other channels, and much more at the same time. The audio portion of a video can also continue to play in the background.


Onedrive might be the product of Microsoft, but Dropbox is no slouch. This is an app which is very useful when trying to work across multiple devices and platforms. This online service will provide a decent amount of free storage, while paid plans will be able to offer a vast amount of storage – even in terabytes. An online service for working with teams has also been introduced by Dropbox so that users can even consider switching away from Google Docs. The ability of Dropbox to sync files seamlessly across anywhere, on any device, and with specific team members makes it a must-have app for casual users and professionals alike.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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