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5 things UK businesses can do to protect employees

Looking after your employees is critical when it comes to running a successful business, but if you do not take the right steps you could be risking the health and safety of your staff.

As a UK business owner or employer, you should be aware of the difficulties and challenges your employees face. This article points out 5 things that UK businesses can do to protect their employees.

Promote physical activity amongst staff

The pressure that we are all under to get the most out of our working day is more intense than ever. As a result, exercise and other physical activities have become things we squeeze in around our busy schedules rather than something that takes priority.

Employers need make it a business policy to promote exercise and physical activity in the workplace and find effective ways to encourage it amongst their staff.

Engage the whole workforce

To ensure that the wellbeing of your workforce is on par with your primary goals you must engage every member of staff across levels, departments, and sectors.

Employees must know that their company is looking out for them, their families, and the environment they live in through often inconspicuous practices. By encouraging them to take part in these practices you gain a much more engaged and productive workforce.

Risk assessment

If you run a business, you have a legal responsibility to the people in it. This applies especially if you employ someone and set their tasks. With risk assessment, you can make sure that the process is as safe as possible for the employees.

An important first step is to identify what your risks are, then you can look at how best you can mitigate them. Once you’ve identified where your risks lie, there are clear steps that should be taken to mitigate the problem.

Create a safe work environment

Employees are the most valuable asset of any business. So naturally, you want to protect them. To do this, companies need to create a safe work environment and ensure they are building a culture of health and wellbeing to protect against mental health issues occurring at work.

Employee insurance

For businesses in the United Kingdom, protecting their employees is a top priority. Employer’s liability insurance is proactive, cost-effective, and protects all your staff while motivating them at the same time. It is also a legal requirement in the UK. This type of cover is going to protect your employees if they get injured or ill when working for you. It will cover any damage, the costs of compensation and any legal that the employee is entitled to.

Final thoughts

The UK has a proud history of providing secure employment for its citizens and is celebrated and admired worldwide for the security it offers. However, times are changing, as flexible working arrangements become an increasingly attractive option. As a result, the need to protect your employees from the potential effects of stress and mental illness has never been greater.

Claire James
Claire James
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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