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5 Ways to Improve your presence on TikTok

TikTok is a famous video-sharing app that is present in every 3 out of 5 people’s cell phones. An application so widely used and insanely famous, that growing popular on this platform is the easiest way to create a social media presence. However, to buy TikTok followers or gain TikTok likes, you need to go the extra mile. As this platform is populated by all kinds of content, it sometimes becomes tough to make people resonate with yours. To leave an impression and to create a rather significant presence on TikTok, one must be able to touch the viewers or be entertaining to them.

Good for you, there are certain ways through which you can improve your presence on TikTok. These five tips are what will help you create a buzz on this trendy platform by organically understanding the algorithm and playing by it.

Use trendy music and audios

It is easy to grasp how TikTok users are more inclined towards music and trendy audios than talking. We have to keep in mind that TikTok merged with musical.ly back in 2018. Thus, the fan base for lip-syncing videos is the most here. Therefore, to improve your TikTok presence you should target this type of content. TikTok’s algorithm works in favour of viral sounds.

 It can be a musical sound or challenge audio. You have to focus on creating content based on popular sounds and catch the viral air. However, make sure you use the audio when it is trending and not after that. In case you use an out-of-fashion, your content’s value drops because viewers are rather fickle with the shifting trends.

Your best shot in creating content should revolve around knowing what is in-trend and using it in your favour to give your account a boost.

Create high-quality videos

TikTok being a video sharing app prioritizes videos with high quality and resolution more than the ones that are poorly shot. Videos that are well-edited and have to go through transition effects naturally catch everyone’s eye.

Yes, this step is indeed difficult. A lot of people do not shoot their content on a good resolution camera. However, to not fall back in the game you can always find your rescue in video editing apps. There are various free video editing applications like Wondershare Filmora (desktop) and VN Video Editor Maker VlogNow (mobile) that one can use to create professional videos free of cost. With a little practice, video editing apps are simple to use. And, once you get a hang of it not only becomes addictive, you can also produce engaging content for your viewers with flair.

Focus on your hashtags

Like every other social media platform, hashtags on TikTok are also important. We should be grateful for hashtags which is an omnipresent source for creators to improve their engagement on every social media platform.

You can find hashtags that TikTok is promoting in the “Discover” section and based on that create your content. It increases the probability of your video being featured in the “For You” section of various other TikTok users. It helps your content to reach a wide number of people and makes it more discoverable. 

You can also monitor the popular hashtags and add them relevantly to your posts. Do remember it is important that the hashtag you are using is relevant to the post. In case, it isn’t, TikTok can even flag your post for it. Fitting hashtags are not difficult to find, so you need to keep your eyes open and detect the trend and go along with it.


Does it sound unreal on TikTok? It just might. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are famous for giveaways. Giveaways help create a remarkable presence on the platform because honestly, who doesn’t like free or discounted goodies? However, it is foolish to think the same strategy won’t work for TikTok. The fact that giveaways are so rare on TikTok makes it special and one tool that creates an instant buzz.

However, while hosting a giveaway on TikTok, you need to be a little creative and think out of the box. Take inspiration from top brands and businesses that use this trick. Make your giveaway engaging and interactive. For instance, you can host a giveaway and the rules can include the participants creating a video about what they love best about your account. 

In this way, you are strategically promoting your content’s specialty on other people’s profiles. You can even create a special hashtag for your giveaway. The possible ideas of a giveaway on TikTok are endless because it’s not fully explored yet. Hence, take your chance with the rarity of the option and go ahead.

Catchy Captions

Videos are the prime part of your TikTok success story. However, that does not mean that you overlook the caption. So, it is beneficial if you keep your captions crisp and catchy. Make sure your caption is clever and funny to quip your viewers’ interest but not long enough to lose them midway. It is a common trend on TikTok that posts that have precise captions and relevant hashtags always do well.

Apart from the above tips, it is important to monitor the consistency of your content. Posting regularly and being interactive on the platform are key features to a successful social media presence. Furthermore, you must never stop experimenting. Always keep your content fresh and unique and your presence will be valued on TikTok sooner or later.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcockhttps://www.abcmoney.co.uk
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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