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Build Up To The 2021 Grand National Horse Racing Event!

The Grand National is a racing event that is a firm fixture in most people’s diaries, whether they decide to travel to Aintree, watch it on TV, or stream the event. It was also one of the first races in the world to offer a 7-figure prize pot for runners and owners.

That said, the Grand National is not the biggest competition in the world for prize-money. That claim to fame goes to Saudi Arabia for their Saudi Cup boasting a $10 million dollar prize for the winning horse and a further $10 million for the other runners!

For a list of the top 5 richest races in the world, take a look at this CNN feature.

Aintree’s Grand National is still just about as famous as they come. It is well-known for its terrifying jumps that can stop a horse in its track or plunge the horse to what often results in the horse’s last race. One that has had animal cruelty activists campaigning against this even year after year!

A Guide to the Grand National & Its Betting Frenzy

Whether you are a gambler or not, if you are a citizen of the UK, the chances are you will have bet on the Grand National whether at a high street bookies, online bookmakers, or through a sweepstakes group betting activity amongst friends, family, and/or work colleagues. As the event is just around the corner, that means you could probably do with a decent Grand National betting guide so you can choose a winner!

If you decide to place a bet at the bookies, then a decent Grand National betting guide will help you make the right decision when choosing which bets to take. Because the Grand National 2021 betting market is wide open, your Grand National betting guide for 2021 should guide you to making the correct each way bets with a healthy return. You will also find betting guides on online sports books where you will get enhanced odds on your bets, free bet offers, and the betting guide should also teach you about ant bets, Non-Runner No-Bet (NRNB), and guaranteed odds.

Danger Equals Excitement.

Since the race began in 1839 there have been a staggering 83 equine deaths from injuries sustained in the race. It’s run over 4 miles or 2 ½ furlongs and has 16 steeples that the horses have to navigate. The 1st fence has put paid to many riders. It’s not tall at 4 ft 6 inches but is jumped at speed by horses charging out of the gates and vying for position, so has led to many falls, the most being 12 in 1951.

The 6th Fence is “Bechers Brook”, one of the most famous because of the steep drop on the other side, and named after Captain Martin Becher who after falling from his horse crouched in the brook whilst all the other horses jumped over him.

Amazingly, he managed to mount his horse again but to be thrown off for a 2nd time at the 2nd brook. The most difficult is probably “The Chair” and well known because a jockey died there in 1862, the only jockey death in the history of the Grand National.

And if the horses can overcome these fences, they merge on the final stretch which is one of the longest run-ins of any steeplechase, at 494 yards (452 m) and makes for a wonderfully exciting climax to the race as the horses charge to the finish line.

The first race dates back to 1839 and some of the most famous and iconic horses have been winners at the 30-60 horse finale to the event, like Abd-El-Kader, The Colonel and Red Rum who won at Aintree a record 3 times. Red Rum showed his longevity by coming back in 1976 to win after losing out to L’Escargot the previous year. This gave him his 3rd win at the Grand National

Famous Winners At The Grand National With Long Odds

In 1947, the National by a 100/1 outsider Caughoo, in a 56-horse field and that’s been one of the draws of the race that any horse can win and any favourite can fall at one of the many fences. Some other notable 100/1 winners have been Foinavon in 1967, Tipperary Tim in 1928 and Mon Mome the last long odds winner in 2009.

For a look at the darker side of horse-racing have a read of this article by Sam Allcock. There are some light-hearted horse puns in there too.

When Will the Festival Take Place?

This year’s race will hopefully take place from April 8th to the 10th.

Last year’s Grand National had to be held behind closed doors but we are betting on it being open to the public this year.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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