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Coronavirus and Home Valuations

Coronavirus has had some unprecedented impacts on home valuations. The real estate market has been one of the most affected sectors since the pandemic hit. The effects came from many people losing their jobs, businesses being shut down, and wage cuts. People became cautious about buying property, especially houses. That led to the house prices going down for the housing market to survive. A lot of people took advantage of the costs and bought homes during the coronavirus crisis. The purchases also affected the home valuations in the long run. The residential real estate will take some time to stabilise after this health crisis.

Impact of Coronavirus on Home Valuations

The UK government had to put the economy on hold with consistent lockdowns. They also had to come up with measures to support the real estate market and other businesses. Some reduced the tax on the property during purchase to give way to buyers. During that time, home values went down drastically. Homes were being sold at a lower price, and so many people took advantage and bought them. The home valuations declined immensely during the period to avoid crippling the market entirely. The rise of unemployment was the main factor; the health crisis had people investing in their wellbeing and more pressing matters. There were no significant home sales, and that is why they reduced in value.

The stay at home orders made many home sellers take their houses from the market. The sellers were afraid of having strangers at their homes because of the virus. It also meant that few buyers were willing to go and look for houses. No buyers meant that all the homes in the market would stay for as long as the health crisis persisted. The home valuations and sales were very low because of the increase in delisted houses and the lack of new listings. There was no demand in the housing market; people were working from home or experiencing financial strains in one way or another. Online inquiries also reduced during the lockdown periods. The prices had to go down dramatically for people to consider acquiring new homes during the pandemic.

The low home valuations were because of the lack of demand. The house value and prices depend entirely on the local conditions and market. Areas that were severely affected by the coronavirus pandemic experienced even lower home valuations. The prices went even lower compared to other places. Many people were avoiding such places, and there were deficient real estate activities. Without lowering the listed home prices, there would be zero sales. The covid-19 cases determined the decline in the demand for houses in the area. The higher the cases, the lower the house value would be. Despite the government’s tax reduction interventions, such areas still experienced low residential real estate activities.

Since late last year, the home value started to increase. Buyers began to flock the market, and purchase activity increased. However, the supply did not recover at the same time. Many people were still holding on to their homes, and the house listing did not increase. The health crisis was still an issue; people were still working and learning from their homes, so selling became difficult. The economic instability has also kept homeowners from listing their properties. Especially for homeowners who lost their employments, their homes became a safety net. Even if there were intentions of selling, people started having second thoughts. The value has continued to increase, and it will continue to go up even after the pandemic. The home valuations are expected to go up in the post-pandemic times.


Despite the uncertainty around home value because of the coronavirus pandemic, real estate is still a significant investment. The house prices will continue to go up as the market recovers. Pending sales started to go down as people were finalising the deals that happened before the crisis. With the possibility of a vaccine, the house value will continue to increase. If the unemployment level goes down and people resume their works, the normalcy may take the home valuations back to where they were before covid-19. It’s still uncertain how long the real estate will take to return to normal, but the improvements are visible. No one knows if the house value will go past where it was or lower than that. People are still dealing with the pandemic’s impact and the economic effects it had on different sectors.

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