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Cost To Hire a Tree Surgeon

Tree surgeons in Swansea cultivate and manage shrubs and individual trees. They can help you control shrubs or trees that grow out of your control. These trees or shrubs can threaten the stability and structure of building foundations, underground utilities, or above-ground buildings.

This article will help you discover the cost of hiring a tree surgeon in Swansea.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire a Tree Surgeon?

You will pay £400-3000 including VAT to hire a tree surgeon. The exact price of cutting and removing a tree depends on various factors. The arborist or tree surgeon inspects the work before quoting a price.

The tree surgeon considers many things before providing a comprehensive quote.

  • The number of trees that need work: It can be cheaper to manage many trees at once than individually.
  • Roots: The roots of some tree species are challenging to remove than others.
  • Size and type: The tree surgeon may need a cherry picker, climbing harness, or other access equipment if your trees are mature. Some trees can support more weight than others.
  • Location: The arborist has to factor in whether the trees are close to properties or in the path of utility lines.
  • Accessibility: The tree surgeon inspects if they can move the essential equipment to the tree with a vehicle.
  • Waste: Your tree’s waste amount is a factor to consider, as the tree surgeon will have to remove them.
  • Tree’s health: The arborist inspects the tree’s health before they can cut it. This inspection can help you comply with regulations and exhaust your alternatives. You will also know if the pests or diseases might spread to other trees.
  • Distance: The distance the tree surgeon travels to the tree is an essential consideration.

Call-Out Fees

Some arborists impose a minimum call-out fee. The amount can be around £400. A tree surgeon can deduct this amount from the final invoice if the visit leads to additional work.

An arborist’s daily rate charge varies depending on the work. Most tree surgeons work in teams of three. Each party has a unique, complementary role. You’ll pay £400-1000 per day to hire a team.

Here is the tree surgeon’s cost for each job if it is a team of three, there are no wastes, and there’s no need for extra equipment.

1. Tree felling cost: Large trees may take 2-3 days to remove. The team takes care not to damage surrounding properties. You’ll pay around £3000 plus VAT.

2. Tree removal cost: Removing smaller trees is more straightforward. It can take less than a day, and it needs fewer people. You may pay £400-500 for this job.

3. Stump grinding and removal: This job costs £50-100. You may hire a stump grinder for around £80 per day and get rid of the stump. If the stump has a diameter of 125mm or more, it may be more helpful to let a professional handle it.

4. Tree trimming: An arborist can prune or trim your trees. This job costs around £120 per hour. You may get a bill of around £400, as you may need to pay a minimum fee.

Hiring a tree surgeon in Swansea can cost £400-3000. The exact amount depends on various factors, such as the tree’s health, size, and type. A tree surgeon can help you control a tree’s growth and avoid damage to property or utility lines.

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Sam Allcock
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