Friday, April 19, 2024

Crypto Minded People Poised To Fill Positions In Biden Administration

Crypto-minded people poised to fill positions in the Biden administration.

As the United States Senate begins to confirm leadership positions in commerce and treasury, there has been significant momentum in the crypto community in response. This is due to the profiles of various individuals who have allegedly been nominated, as well as the economic measures anticipated by the next administration – both are expected to fuel positive momentum for the growth of cryptocurrencies.

While some official appointments have been made with numerous pending confirmations, others are still in the nomination stage. Let’s take a quick tour of the swamp.

The Treasury Department Confirmed with 84 votes, Janet Yellen will lead the Treasury. During her confirmation hearing, Yellen outlined her support for Biden’s agenda, which includes a likely tax hike for the rich, to “back the dollar” to stabilize it amid attempts to undermine its current value through manipulation market overseas, and ensure the stabilization of the US economy amid the current global COVID-19 pandemic.

As for cryptocurrencies, Yellen did not directly address his approach to regulation in the space during his confirmation hearings; however, he mentioned that legitimate uses of cryptocurrencies should be encouraged, such as the means that these types of decentralized finance use to “

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