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One of the most exciting parts of getting to know more about and enjoying a wine is arranging your wine collection towards your desires and taste. Selecting and purchasing a wine is not the only part of the wine process: if you don’t drink the bottle soon they also have to be stored. Doing this correctly, the wine can last for years, even centuries, with that even growing in value, condition and quality. On the other hand, poor storage can spoil even the greatest wines in the world.

Store wine at the ideal temperature 

Of every factor that can influence the quality of stored wine, the temperature is probably the most crucial. Too warm or cold temperatures are a sure way to ruin the wine. In general, the best temperature for long-term or short-term wine storage temperature is around 55ºF (13ºC), but this can vary from wine to wine. Temperature recommendations for specific wines, you should consult the manufacturer. Regardless of the type or label, wine should never ever be kept below 25 °F (-4ºC), which can cause the wine to freeze, or above 68°F (20°C), which will  hasten the wine aging process and destroy volatile parts inside the wine. Most importantly, your wine storage temperature should be kept stable: because constant temperature changes can cause the cork to expand and contract, allowing wine to seep out (or air to seep in) around it.

Store wine bottles horizontal

This only yields for bottles with a cork of course. Make sure you store your bottles of wine horizontally. Storing like this will help to keep the cork moisted which is key for long-term storage, as soon as the cork will dry out, it can cause seepage and premature aging. For screw top wine bottles it may be not necessary to keep them on their sides, horizontal storage is nevertheless a more efficient way to store your wines for maximum space usage and also easy access towards it.

Protect the wine from light and vibration

As soon as you start storing a wine, whether for months, weeks, or days, keep your wine in the dark as much as possible. UV rays from the direct sunlight will harm the wine’s flavours and aromas. Prevent vibration in the wine, keep wines away from sources of vibration, such as your washer and dryer, exercise area, or stereo system. Vibrations can disturb sediments in the wine bottle, disrupting the delicate process that causes the wine to age favourably.

Store wine at the proper humidity 

As humidity fluctuations in the wine cooler or storage area exists, it can also impact your wine longevity. The lower the humidity the sooner your cork will dry out, letting the wine become vulnerable to the effects of oxygen. The higher the humidity the easier labels will peel of bottles making them harder to display and sell. The wine humidity should be between 60 and 68 percent.

Store your wine in a wine cooler, not a regular fridge 

Your storage space should constantly present the right conditions as described earlier. A dual zone wine cooler is a good option to fulfil this job. Unlike a standard household refrigerator, which keeps your food very cold and dry, a wine fridge keeps wine between 50-60˚F (10-15˚C) and at the proper humidity. A good fridge will also have a multi zone cooling option. A Dual zone wine cooler can cool your white and red wine without needing a separate wine fridge. This also helps prevent cross-contamination from food odors. If your budget is a concern, remember: wine cooling can become an investment, and in that case a good wine cooler is the best way to protect your investment and wine quality.

Wine coolers are cheaper

Wine coolers are not particularly complex and they don’t have a lot of mechanical or

electrical parts, like a fridge or other cooling devices. This means that you aren’t

going to have to spend a lot of time maintaining it or worrying about whether or not they will break down.

There are a lot of more options available when choosing a wine cooler. Built-in, under counter wine cooler or just a stand-alone device. Rest assured that a wine cooler is energy efficient, whisper quiet and designed to serve the best wine for everyone who loves to drink an excellent wine. 

Wine coolers are easy to move

Wine coolers are less big and easy to move. It can move around the house very easily, can be stored very easily and even bring with you anywhere you would like. Serve a wine with a perfect temperature at home, a party somewhere else or even during a walk or picnic. 

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