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Got a Missing Tooth? Get Affordable Treatment to Save Your Beauty

Dental Implants Restore Your Smile And Long-Term Dental Health

Tooth loss isn’t just painful but has a long-term impact on your cosmetic beauty and self-confidence. If the tooth is not replaced with a dental impact, the jaw recedes, bone is lost, and neighbouring teeth may shift. In terms of your cosmetic beauty, facial sagging and premature aging can suppress your self-esteem altogether. Even old-school dentures cannot save you from facial sagging. Ultimately, tooth replacement is the best dental procedure to fix your smile and you can get a full mouth dental implant cost Turkey.

What Happens When You Get a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is the placement of a surgical fixture into your jawbone to let it fuse with the jawbones within a few months. The ‘artificial root’ of the tooth holds the replacement tooth in place and fixates it. The fusion of a dental implant with the jawbone is known as ‘osseointegration’. The dental implants are usually made of titanium so they are not easily recognized by the body as a foreign object. It helps in the merging of the jawbone with the implant leading to a 98% success rate of the dental procedure.

What Are the Benefits of Getting Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a durable, permanent, and most fitting procedure for tooth loss. These implants can replace a single tooth or multiple teeth. In fact, the dental implants mimic the real tooth and securely restore your smile. It also protects your cosmetic beauty by preventing facial sagging and aids in stabilizing the facial structure.

Moreover, dental implants ease your speech fluency and chewing ability. Once the dental implant is done, brush, floss, or eat recklessly without fear of breaking/removing/washing the ‘artificial tooth’. The earlier you get your dental implants done, the lesser would be the damage caused to the teeth and the cost of the dental procedures required.

Long-Term Impacts of Untreated Tooth Loss

Tooth loss leads to bone loss that basically changes your facial appearance. If you don’t get a dental implant or delay it, the bone atrophy (a decrease in bone height and density) can set in. You will then need a bone graft, which is very painful and expensive, along with a dental implant.

Empty root sockets allow for teeth shifting and weakening of bone tissues. Along with teeth shifting issues, the neighbouring teeth get ample space to dislodge themselves causing toothache when you eat. Teeth shifting can increase the risk of you developing temporomandibular joint pain (TMJ). Ultimately, you will need braces, aligners, and other dental treatments to create space for the dental implant.

With tooth loss, your overall appearance suffers. Due to uncured tooth loss, premature aging in the form of facial sagging overtakes your self-esteem. The perfectly beaming smile becomes a part of your past. On top of it, a missing tooth on the front can steal your freedom to chew easily, speak fluently, and smile openly.

If you can relate to it, look for the signs of misshapen jaw bone, shifting teeth, and change in your cosmetic beauty. Whether you have recently lost a tooth or it’s been years, you need to get a dental implant to restore your smile and dental health. The dental implant is indeed an investment in your oral health, self-confidence, and overall cosmetic beauty.

What is the Most Affordable Option for Treating Missing Tooth?

No doubt, dental procedures are expensive. But, if you are residing in the US or UK, Turkey offers extremely cost-effective cosmetic surgeries and dental treatments. Be it hair transplant, dental transplant, or cosmetic procedures, they are made cost-effective for Turkish residents. However, for US visitors, they are cheap dental procedures in comparison with the US dental clinics.

Rather, most people travel to Turkey for an affordable yet high-end dental procedure. The results are totally reliable and worth the effort.

Special Packages of Turkish Clinics

Moreover, the Turkish clinics cater to foreign clients with special packages that include hotel bookings, airport transfers, a personalised host and translator, and a completely free 12 months aftercare.

Final Verdict

A missing tooth can call for multiple dental and cosmetic problems that cannot be overcomed by traditional dentures. Replacing or replicating the lost tooth with an implant is a durable and effective treatment to prevent the dental woes in the long-run. Although expensive, there are affordable options too!

Experiencing the problems associated with your lost tooth? Now is the time to get your dental treatment done.

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Sam Allcock
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