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If it’s worth it, your parcel delivery may require additional cover

The safety of parcels sent by mail can be of great concern, especially if the items you send are valuable. When using the services of a courier, the basic coverage provided by the courier may not be sufficient, so if the product is of high value, you should consider parcel insurance with Secursus. The worst scenario is that every time you send something, it will be lost or damaged before it reaches your destination. If this happens when you send something important to a courier, you may find that you don’t have the level of cover you may need.

Generally, the basic cover given for regular delivery is around £ 50. If you just want to send small items such as CDs or low-priced gifts, this is enough. However, you may need to send something that is much more valuable financially, or something of great sentimental value associated with it. In this case, the basic cover provided by the company is not as much as needed. In these situations, many companies can offer additional compensation for your valuable items, which is definitely a wise move.

There are various ways to get additional cover. If you are a regular sender of packages, some companies offer membership schemes at different levels of membership available. These schemes can increase the level of cover you get to £ 100, £ 150 and even £ 200, depending on the level you choose. Membership costs around £ 50- £ 250, but this also depends on the choices you make. Of course, if you send packages only occasionally, signing up for membership doesn’t really help, as you won’t enjoy the benefits of each package. In this case, you can purchase additional covers from the courier to give you a little more protection. You can usually be covered up to a value of £ 1000, and the cost of additional coverage depends on the amount needed.

Whenever you are using a parcel delivery service to send a lot of valuable things, you should seriously consider getting additional cover if needed. Failure to do this can result in loss if lost or damaged.

Parcel insurance and why you need to check you:

Now you may think that when you send a parcel by parcel courier, it may be almost unsuccessful, and if that happens, you can simply claim the courier insurance for your goods. Does everything sound logical?

Yes, No. Can you answer the question immediately, as if you were asking the person reading this if they knew what level of insurance the courier had? Doesn’t it make you think so? As a further example, when did you last ask for proof that your courier is actually insured?

You should check your parcel courier insurance every year to see the total amount your goods are insured, as well as the parcels that are insured for the courier to actually carry ..

As an example of this, the majority of courier companies do not ask what is in each parcel they deliver. This meant that the courier wasn’t covered to transport combustibles, but if you put some in the parcel without notifying him, the van broke out as a result. I will. You may have a big problem.

The problem of parcel courier would not have been covered to carry your dangerous goods he knew nothing about. As a result, not only are the goods uninsured, but you may also be sued by the courier for damage to the moorhen or other goods.

Another issue is when shipping parcels of much higher value than covered by parcel courier insurance. He can’t guess the value of your parcel-so it’s up to you to check if your parcel is properly insured by parcel courier.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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