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Is Waste Disposal Important?

Waste management & waste disposal is a much bigger feat than most people think. The general public would be forgiven for not knowing the in’s & out’s of an intricate waste management process, however, the general idea of waste services is somewhat outdated. The logistical planning that waste management requires is much more complex than people think. There are also measures involved to measure & counteract the impact of our waste disposal on the environment.

Organising a professional waste management service as well as the necessary recycling for all of the waste we collect is a huge undertaking which takes a lot of planning to carry out. Recycling is a huge aspect for waste management companies especially now with so many government-driven initiatives to lower & reduce the impact we’re having on the environment. It’s vital for the population of the UK to remember that our resources in terms of landfill sites are finite. It’s vital for the future of our country that waste disposal processes are refined to a point they are fully sustainable.

What does waste disposal do for me?

This question can be answered from two viewpoints, one being from the point of a business owner and the other from the general public’s.

One of the most fundamental reasons that as a society, we prioritise waste disposal as a cornerstone of our service is because of the health of the population, as well as the preservation of our immediate surroundings. Imagine a city where no large scale waste disposal takes place and consider how quickly waste would build up. This would cause a huge health hazard, as well as an environmental one since all types of waste, would build up. Streets would overfill with literal rubbish, and open spaces would end up being new designated tips. You may think this is a far fetched idea but look at any city that has been affected by a “bin strike”

Exposed rubbish ends up attracting rodents, which inadvertently brings health risks like disease & illness. Waste that is rotting ends up producing a range of harmful gases which can mix with the air causing breathing issues. Exposed waste can also become a potential host for waterborne diseases cholera which can cause hugely damaging illnesses. There is a whole list of reasons why a city without a regular waste disposal procedure is a terrible idea. There is a reason why most, if not all landfill sites are miles away from any residential properties since the ramifications for those that live near that type of environment would be horrible, to say the least.

Is waste disposal important from a business owners point of view?

From a business’s point of view, waste disposal is probably even more important. We say this because as a business operating within the UK, you’ll have a legal obligation to arrange for the appropriate disposal of all waste generated by your business. Whether you’re a construction company working on houses or a restaurant owner with a few locations, all of the waste produced by your business operations has to be disposed of properly.

There are huge consequences for business owners that don’t take their waste disposal seriously since huge fines have been handed out to individuals that are responsible for disposing of commercial waste. A business owner is essentially responsible for how your waste is processed & disposed of, which is why good waste disposal providers are important to business owners.

It’s also in the business owners best interest to keep the environment of their premises clean since waste that’s piled up outside of your office/shop/warehouse isn’t the best representation of your business. In some cases, poor waste disposal could even halt business operations since disposing of waste might be a fundamental process to your business. (Consider the workflow of a construction company & how much waste they need to dispose of to carry on working)

Here at REMONDIS, we’ve provided businesses across the world with professional waste disposal services. This gives us centuries worth of experience in the industry, advising businesses large & small on the best way to manage their waste. We have offered professional Skip Hire in Newcastle, Sunderland and surrounding areas for decades, offering domestic and commercial services to those that need them.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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