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PDFBear: Your Best Online Free PDF To Word Converter

PDFBear is an online tool that is perfect for making the modifications you wish to make to your documents. It has various tools ranging from an online converter to an online merger. You can enjoy accessing these tools without worrying about having to pay anything. PDFBear is for free and will surely benefit you whether you are a professional or a student. It can help you address the need for online managing and editor of your files. 

PDFBear: Your Free Online Converter

PDFBear is free. You can access it using your computer desktop, laptop, smartphone, and tablet. Indeed, with this website, you will no longer stress about having to know how to use it. It has a user-friendly interface that provides you with clear instructions on how to go about every tool it offers. If you are new and uncertain, you can follow those guides, and you will indeed find yourself familiarizing yourself with the online tool in no time. With this website, you have a free Word to PDF converter.

To begin the conversion process, you will need to choose the appropriate Word file that you need to convert. Then you will need to upload it on the tool for PDFBear to handle the conversion process in no time. Within a few minutes, your newly converted file will be ready. 

Aside from Word to PDF, below is a brief list of what PDFBear has to offer:

Merging Your PDF Files

When you have several files scattered in your device, and you wish to combine them, This website can help you with that. Its merging tool is freely accessible to you, and the steps are simple. You will have to choose and upload the files you wanted to combine. This website will take care of the rest. In a matter of minutes, you will have the new single file. 

Compressing Your PDF Files

Inevitably, you will have files that have large file sizes. One of the most amazing things when using PDF files is to reduce the file size by using an online tool such as PDFBear. Its compression tool will surely provide you with a quality file; PDFBear guarantees that the resolution stays intact. Additionally, you can assure that the data inside your files remain unchanged too.

Splitting Your PDF Files

With this website, you can organize and re-organize your files. If, for instance, you want to re-organize your PDF files, you can access PDFBear’s splitting tool. This way, you can extract the pages you might want to remove or split them into individual pages and combine them once more using the merging tool.

Locking And Unlocking Your PDF Files

If you are looking to add security to your files, this site offers you a locking tool that provides you a way to add encryptions to your files. This means that a password combination is necessary for you to have access to the file’s contents. 

Furthermore, you can also remove encryptions to your files by using the unlocking tool. Please note that you need authority to remove the encryptions, especially when you are not the file’s original owner.

Adding Page Numbers To Your PDF Files

PDFBear offers you a way to add page numbers to your PDF files. Page numbers can make your life easier, especially for several paged files. If you are an author, you will indeed find this tool very helpful.

Repairing Your PDF Files

With this site, you can retrieve your corrupted files by accessing its repair tool. This way, your corrupted files are not a lost cost. This website guarantees that it will do its best to help you recover your corrupted files. However, there will be those that might be beyond help.

Final Thoughts

PDFBear is a fantastic tool. But of course, it is not perfect in every aspect. Take, for example, the trial period. This website offers you a brief trial period to give you a foretaste of what it would be like to avail of its monthly and or yearly subscription. You might find it not enough to test a few things here and there. It is part of the company’s marketing strategy for you to quickly decide before the trial period is over.

This website will provide you its best service and allow you to enjoy using its tools whether you avail of the free version or go for a Pro Account membership. Whenever you need an online tool to help you convert and edit your documents, especially PDF files, this website is there for you.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcockhttps://www.abcmoney.co.uk
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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