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Six Ways to Add Value to Your Property in 2021

Following the unexpected boom in house sales throughout the pandemic, some people may read this who are considering a jump on the bandwagon by selling their own property. While this is not the case for everyone, due to a remaining level of uncertainty, those inclined to up stakes this year might be thinking about getting the process moving sooner rather than later.

If you are one of the people who fall into this category, you may well have begun thinking of how you can add value to your property before listing it on the market. You want to maximise how much you are getting, and of course, want to get some sort of profit too!

For those who are in this position, you are in luck, for we have compiled a helpful list for you below. Detailing things you need to know and the different ways that you can add value to your property in 2021, you can go forth with the confidence that you will be getting as much money as you can for your property. Remember to jot some notes down and keep reading for more!

Home Improvements

For those with a bit more time and money on their hands, there are numerous home improvements, both internally and externally, that you can do in order to add value to your home. That being said, do not feel like you have to complete all the suggestions that are on offer. Sticking to a budget that you have already set will make the process a lot easier, and we are confident that there will be things that you can do within your budget to add value.

Modernising Your Kitchen:

Generally speaking, most new builds have modern kitchens, fitted with all the new mod-cons. While that is the case for most homes on the market, it is not the case for all, and you should not feel pressured to redo the kitchen in the property you are selling completely. By simply ensuring that any appliances (if you are selling the property as furnished or part-furnished) are to working standard and replacing those that are not, you will contribute to the modernisation of the property. Furthermore, consider the material you are using for countertops; marble and quartz are popular choices, firstly for their elegance and secondly, for the way they are easy to clean and wipe down. What’s more, ensuring that the kitchen is clean, and has been redecorated accordingly, will undoubtedly add a bit more value to the property. Regarding decorating, this leads us to our next point.

Redecorating the Property:

When wanting to sell your property, and when seeking to add value to the property before listing, you want to ensure that the décor inside is one that is appealing. While most homes nowadays seem to have neutral colour schemes throughout, this is not due to it being the favourite colours of the person selling it; it is merely a way of maximising the value of the property, and is, therefore, something that you should consider when selling your own property. Bold colours in a home could put some people off, not to mention, dated décor. By avoiding bold colours and eccentric textures, you should find it easier to get the property off the market; some homeowners who see bold colours and textures overlook a property’s personalisation. Instead, they focus on the potential renovation costs. Not something that you want when trying to get the property taken off your hands.

Exterior and Garden Improvements

While the interior of a home requires attention when wanting to increase the value of a property, it is essential not to forget the exterior of the home. Particularly, if you are selling a house which is boasting a decent sized garden, you will want to ensure that this too is up to standard. Like the interior of a home, some things can be done externally to increase the value of the property you are selling. This includes:

Adding a Shed:

While this is not the first thing that people think of when considering how they can add value to their home, it has been found that this is one that can have a considerable impact on the value of a property. Experts have revealed that adding a shed to a property is single-handedly the most significant way to add value to a home, with an estimated 5-20% value added to a property be putting a garden shed on your land. If you are considering adding a garden shed to your home, check out selections that are provided by companies like Shedstore. Providing buildings that are big and small, find out more about garden sheds here.

Focus on What Can Be Seen:

This is a bit of a given, but you want to ensure that your property looks appealing to those viewing it. If your home is not appealing to the people who are enquiring about purchasing it from you, it will be hanging around on the market for longer than you want. Ultimately, this will result in you getting less money for it then you intended. Not what you want when looking to increase the value of the property. By ensuring the front garden – if you have one – is as appealing as possible from the first glance, you are sure to have your property taken off your hands in no time.

Styling the Garden with Furniture:

Adding a focal point to the garden is also a great way of adding value to your property, and an easy way of going about this, is by adding some garden furniture to a patio, or other outdoor areas. Garden furniture can make the outdoor areas seem more enticing and provide those potential buyers with a vision of what to expect if they were to live in the property themselves.

Painting Goes a Long Way:

It goes without saying, both for the interior and exterior of your home, but ensuring that any tired or dull paintwork is touched up, really goes a long way. By giving any outdoor buildings, fences, and other exteriors a lick of paint before listing the property on the market, you are sure to be adding a little value to the overall price. Furthermore, it will give the property a fresh lease of life and make it appealing to those who are viewing it. You could even match the paint colour to items of furniture in the garden, or to other components of your garden; really tying it together to become a relaxing oasis. Not to mention, there are a handful of other benefits to properly painting the exterior of your home too.

We hope you have enjoyed reading but some of the available suggestions to add value to your property when looking to sell. Whether you choose to do just one or two or work through the list one-by-one checking them off; the choice is entirely yours. By putting in hard work now to ensure that the property is the best that it can be, we are confident that you will make a hearty profit on it when eventually sold. Furthermore, this doesn’t need to be a tedious process! You are ultimately closing one chapter of your life to begin another. Making this process fun will make a world of difference and make boring meetings and paperwork a bit more bearable.

Claire James
Claire James
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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