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10 Best Instagram Bots that are Safe & Effective!

Social media is bringing us exciting ways to interact every day and we know they are going to increase as time goes on. One extremely popular social media platform is Instagram that has been doing well ever since its launch. There are over 1 billion users around the globe who actively use the platform every month.

Now, if you are an aspiring influencer who wants to become popular on Instagram, you already know that it’s going to be a rocky road. You will take the road of hard work where you would strive to make the best content and then grow it with organic methods. However, it will break your heart to see unexpectedly low results since everyone else is doing the same or better.

It’s here that Instagram bots come in. Instagram bots are automation tools that drive growth for Instagram accounts. These bots focus on growth generation by using various techniques, like account targeting, direct interaction, follow/unfollow, hashtag generation, post scheduling, boosting likes/views, and more.

You may see these bots as second-hand or inauthentic growth drivers, but that’s not exactly the case. The best Instagram bots bring value to your page by adding genuine followers and engagement. The final aim is to boost the visibility of your page to attract more organic growth automatically. Real people like those Instagram pages that are already doing well and want to follow such pages only.

The important thing to ensure once you decide to get help from an Instagram bot is that it must be the best one. We are here to help you with that as we are going to present a list of the top 10 Instagram bots. You can completely trust these bot companies, as they ensure complete safety of your account, along with effective growth.

1. Growthoid

We have put Growthoid’s Instagram bot in first place, but you will be surprised to know that its functioning doesn’t match that of a bot in any way. Growthoid is a company that provides growth services to its Instagram clientele. Even though you may want to think of it as a bot, real professionals grow your Instagram accounts through manual methods. This makes Growthoid the best and safest option out there.

You are asked to begin by filling out a simple survey to help a professional get an insight into your IG account. After that, they make use of the best social media growth practices and metrics to boost your account visibility.

The growth provided by this company appears organic. This is good since it prevents the risk of account suspension due to fraud detection by Instagram algorithms. You can feel confident about the quality and authenticity of the engagement provided by this service.

There are two price packages that Growthoid offers. The Standard package goes for $49/month, offering normal growth speed for 10 targets. Its Premium package goes for $99/month, offering high growth speed for 40 targets. The latter comes with certain advantages like priority assistance and cancellation whenever you need it.

Its customer assistance ensures end-to-end efficiency for your Instagram growth. Their money-back guarantee covers all the services that make this company a great choice.


For real and organic growth of your Instagram account, you can depend on the amazing growth services of What you will find unique are the ways through which the company drives growth for different social media platforms. It deploys the best techniques to avoid all the risks of fraud detection, along with delivering genuine results. promotes posts at different speeds so that the growth intensity doesn’t appear high. It segregates and sets up the growth rate of each post to provide natural growth to Instagram accounts.

With this bot, every stage of the growth process becomes automatic. The special algorithms of detect the upload instantly and start boosting its visibility automatically. All the likes and followers are brought in from the wide user base that possesses. All these accounts are paid partners who engage with the client accounts on a real-time basis.

The process to order services with is very simple and safe. You won’t have to enter any passwords or profile details but just the username of your account followed by purchasing a plan. The timeless cancellation policy of the bot company is also great, which you can use in the face of unsatisfactory services. Furthermore, the great customer assistance team of will help solve all your queries.

3. Growthsilo

Similar to the Growthoid bot, Growthsilo is another great company to seek help from for Instagram growth services. This bot company has been featured in top magazines due to its outstanding social media knowledge and brand growth techniques.

 The best thing about Growthsilo is that it makes sure that you control the way you want your Instagram account to grow. It does so by letting you give the desired growth instruction to its bot professionals, followed by purchasing a service package accordingly. Once this is done, the professionals will start growing your account daily with manual techniques.

There are two service packages offered by Growthsilo. The Launch package is $49/month, offering a normal growth rate and 10 services. The Premium package is $99/month, offering a higher growth rate and 60 services. The latter comes with certain additional advantages like custom filters, priority-based assistance, and more.

You get the option of timeless cancellation, along with a 14-day money-back policy on all their plans and services. Moreover, Growthsilo ensures that your account remains completely safe with advanced encryption technologies. For any of your doubts, its customer support team will assist you anytime and facilitate faster redressal of your issues.

4. SidesMedia

If you would like your Instagram account to appear uniquely curated, then getting help from SidesMedia is the best option for you. This company has been a pioneer of social media growth services since it has amassed great experience in this niche. The unique thing about SidesMedia is that it focuses on providing the most crucial services rather than providing multi-directional growth.

It is a great bot company as it uses advanced techniques to bring in followers, likes, and visibilityyou’re your Instagram accounts. All these are essential growth drivers that promise real engagement. SidesMedia ensures to add only real followers and likes to Instagram accounts.

The pricing plans offered by SidesMedia are quite affordable, which gives it an edge over other Instagram growth companies. You even get the option of making customized plans that deliver strategic growth. All their services are delivered within just 72 hours of order placement.

The followers and likes are extracted from the personal pool of partner users of SidesMedia. This ensures that the growth appears organic and remains fully foolproof.

SidesMedia also has a very efficient and supportive customer assistance team. It will provide you with proper assistance on all your issues. You can also consider checking out its amazing Instagram growth services as the company provides the option of timeless and no-questions-asked cancellations.

5. Upleap

One of the best companies operating in the field of social media promotion is Upleap. It offers dedicated services for the growth of your Instagram account. The reason why you would want to choose this bot is the personalized and one-on-one services that it provides. It is simply unique the way Upleap assigns an account manager to each of its clients to manage all their growth requirements personally.

The benefits of manual growth driven by real people are numerous. This can be seen in the way that Upleap’s bot ensures that your Instagram account grows naturally. It also takes care to not cross the Instagram algorithm regulations to invite account suspension risk. Specialized manual social media growth metrics are used to ensure the smooth operation of the software.

The process of purchasing services from Upleap is very simple. Moreover, the price plans offered by this bot are quite customizable, but you can try the 3-day free trial first to get a hang of this company. You can do so without giving your card details, which prevents any financial fraud risk. What else makes this bot great is its super helpful customer support team.

6. SocialMeep

This is a very unique bot since it comes with a spectacular Instagram growth package, combining all necessary growth services. We are talking about content creation as well, along with analytics, auto-growth, and many other micro-level engagement techniques. With micro engagements, we mean that SocialMeep also boosts the visibility of IG stories, IGTV videos, likes on posts, comments, and much more.

No other Instagram bot would have focused on making its website dashboard as interactive as SocialMeep. There are a lot of features and growth tools laid out on the dashboard clearly that allow you to understand all the services. All the tools are expertly built to ensure completely organic and automated growth for the Instagram accounts.

Moreover, there are comprehensive reports generated by the tool showing the growth progress of your Instagram account. This proves greatly helpful as you can decide to tweak the progress if required. There are two growth packages offered by SocialMeep: The Basic plan is $49/month and the Pro plan is $99/month. All their services are dedicated to ensuring the complete safety of the accounts against any fraud detection.

7. Ingramer

If you have aimed to grow your Instagram page in the least time without compromising on its effectiveness, Ingramer’s bot can be of great help. It is surprising the way this company has designed its services to ensure the most effective growth alongside ensuring no security leakage. The effectiveness rate of this bot proves to be better than others due to its additional growth tools.

There are three service packages offered by Ingramer, a 2-week plan for $37, a 1-month plan for $57, and a 3-month plan for $144. These packages can be customized as well to ensure that you don’t overpay for any service that you don’t want. Given the advanced growth services Ingramer provides at a very fast speed, the pricing can be considered worth it.

Some of the key growth services offered by Ingramer involve automatic follow/unfollow, like generation, direct messaging, post scheduling, and much more. Their direct messaging to drive growth is unique, which is not offered even by popular Instagram bots. Ingramer makes sure to use such advanced strategies in the most plausible ways so that the best results are generated. Additionally, you get good assistance for all your queries at any time.

8. Instamber

One of the most affordable Instagram bots out there, Instamber will give the perfect kickstart to your Instagram account without you having to pay a fortune for it. It’s a new bot on the market but it’s impressive the way they have come up with the best growth tools. You can trust Instamber since it has been growing other social media platforms like Twitter and TikTok as well.

The best part about Instamber’s bot is that it is highly affordable. Services like follow/unfollow can be used at the affordable pricing plan of $10/month. A similar rate of pricing is there for other services as well. This allows everyone to seek automated growth for their Instagram accounts. Instamber also provides the option of plan customization to facilitate the best services at reasonable prices.

If you are looking to grow your brand popularity on Instagram, then Instamber can help you in it. Apart from that, it gives the basic Instagram growth services, like increasing likes and views on the posts. You can also sign up for services like follow/unfollow, direct messaging, comment generation, post scheduling, and more.

9. Stormlikes

That one Instagram bot that ensures complete safety for your page is Stormlikes whose services you must check out. Stormlikes believes in using only authentic growth tactics and ignoring the rest to avoid unnecessary risk. You can choose between a variety of services offered by this company, like followers, comments, likes, views, and more.

The webpage of Stormlikes is very intuitively designed to help users effortlessly navigate through every feature. Its best part is that the chatbox is visible right on the main interface, so you can talk to them directly. This indicates that Stormlikes values its clients and takes care to provide them with immediate assistance.

The bot promises to only transfer real and genuine growth to its customers. Its growth packages start at costs as low as $2.99 and can go up depending upon the plan you purchase. You can even customize plans, along with enjoying great discounts if you are an old customer. Also, you get to opt for monthly installments to pay for the services, if long-term growth is on your mind.

Other benefits of choosing Stormlikes include gender filtering, geographic filtering, SSL secured payments, no financial details required, and much more.

10. Instazood

Even though this is the last name on our list, Instazood is a highly popular Instagram growth bot that works much like Ingramer. There are so many features of this bot, along with many benefits that make it worth checking out. Also, Instazood has been giving growth services to other social media platforms, like TikTok, as well, which has given it enough experience.

There are plenty of growth services offered by Instazood, including follow/unfollow, direct messaging, views for posts, stories, and more. The best part about it is that you can create as well as control your growth. What’s more, Instazood professionals let you track your account’s growth and choose what services you want at any particular time.

There are some additional services like search tools and comment tracking offered by Instazood. You can get their growth package that costs $11.99/month to enjoy all their main services. Moreover, Instazood comes with a 5-day free trial offer, which you can use to try to understand the bot better before ultimately signing up for its services. The tutorial on its website also proves to be helpful in understanding how everything works with this bot.

Final words

With so many options, it may become very difficult to decide which Instagram bot can serve your purpose best. Also, it is important to choose an authentic service since the danger of fraud detection and account suspension is very real.

Some Instagram bots just add fake followers to your account, which proves to be useless as they do not provide engagement. To avoid such issues, you must only get the help of genuine and trustworthy Instagram bots.

 If you pick any Instagram growth bot from the list above, know that you will be in safe hands. Other than the complete security of your Instagram account, you will also witness it growing very effectively and fast. Wait no more and deploy the most suitable Instagram bot from the above options to grow your popularity on Instagram.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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