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10 Most Common Gambling and Casino Myths Analyzed

Gambling has evolved over the centuries to keep up with technological advancements, and its myths and far-fetched tales have grown to keep up with the changes. The dependency of luck and some skill gives casinos a mysterious aura that gives rise to many theories. These tales are used to explain reality loosely, but they are just figments to drive the overactive imaginations of naive players. With the increasing number of users playing at online casinos in UK, a lot of interesting thoughts and false misconceptions have been making rounds online. There is a myth floating around for almost every element in casinos, and here is a look at ten of the most common ones and the facts that debunk them as theories with no grounds.

Gambling is not Addictive

The myth that gambling is not addictive is often supported by the fact that it does not cause physical effects like alcohol and drugs. However, mental health is also established as an essential factor to consider in physiology. Gambling has been established as a leading cause for mental illness, making it as dangerous as any physical addiction. Problem gambling interferes with the social, financial, and mental wellbeing of thousands worldwide every year. Several countries have taken the initiative to nip the issue in the bud such as the United Kingdom and Australia. These jurisdictions apply laws such as: 

  • Casinos have to include customizable spending limits in players’ accounts;
  • Credit cards cannot be used to deposit cash to be used for bets;
  • Only gambling dens with licenses can offer services to residents of the country;
  • Players have to confirm that they are of legal gambling age before accessing services.

Games are Rigged

This myth does hold some water, but not in the way most gamblers think. Some people believe that the casino has the power to influence the results of games.  For instance, a dealer handling a roulette game can control where the ball lands. This theory is just fiction, and both the player and casino are in the dark on any game’s results. However, the odds are stacked against the player in favour of the house. Players can come out on top in the short run, but the house always wins over time. Even over a short period, the chances of losing are higher than those of winning. The math used to design the games makes the payout odds lower than the winning odds. This makes all of the slots negative-expectation games.

Luck Can Be Sensed and Influenced

The superstitious community believes that every gambler is a psychic who can tell when they will be lucky. Some depend on charms like rabbits’ feet, horseshoes, numbers, colours, and four-leaf clovers to summon good fortune. These myths are widely entertained, but they do not quite work. Casino games produce their outcomes randomly using random number generators. These programs generate millions of codes with each round, and those that match the required results are selected randomly. This makes it impossible to tell the gameplay outcome accurately.

Card Counting is Illegal

Card counting is a frowned-upon tactic used by blackjack players to win the game by tracking the cards being dealt and playing each hand accordingly. The practice can only be exercised in land-based casinos, and the establishments discourage it at all costs. Gaming clubs take measures to discourage anyone they suspect of counting cards by shuffling the cards after each hand, asking the gambler to play another game aside from blackjack or ban them from the establishment entirely. However, one cannot be arrested for the practice since it is not illegal. Harsher measures can be applied if one is caught card counting with a device.

Casinos Use Oxygen to Keep Gamblers Alert

This myth is a ridiculous theory that is told about land-based casinos. Pumped oxygen is used to make people stronger and more alert, but it would be impossible to use it at brick-and-mortar establishments. Not only is it expensive, pumping oxygen into crowded casino floors with electrical gadgets all around and smoking people would open the doors for a fire disaster like no other. Rumour has it that this myth originates from Fools Die, Mario Puzo’s novel, where one of the characters pulls off a similar stunt.

The Casino is Unbeatable

Most myths that need debunking are related to winning over the casino. However, it is possible to come out on top in the long run. Some sets are unbeatable, such as no download slots where no skill can be applied to influence the odds. In other games such as blackjack, poker, and video poker, players can gain enough experience to have the advantage over the casino. These sets accommodate different techniques that allow the gambler to edge over the casino in the long run. One such tactic is counting cards, which is applied in blackjack. Some players go on to forge professional careers in gambling and earn millions of dollars annually. It is also possible to win through sheer luck over the long run.

Bonuses Change Winning Odds

It is a common belief that playing using casino bonuses affects a game’s winning odds for the better or worse. The RNGs used to run pokie machines are not connected with gambling incentives, making it impossible for players to influence the other. Whether a spin is played with real or bonus money, the results remain random and cannot be predicted. The winning chances are always the same in the previous round as they are in the next one.

Online Gambling is Illegal

This statement is either a myth or not depending on one’s country of residents. Most countries around the world open their doors to the gambling industry in one way or the other. In some countries, the sector is among the highest revenue-generating ones that support the economy. The United Kingdom, Canada, the USA, Australia, and New Zealand are some of the countries where casinos are thriving. However, in others, the practice is banned entirely due to varying reasons. Countries like the UAE, Iran, and Israel apply the law due to religious reasons.

In Brief

Myths about gambling and casinos will always be around, and it is your responsibility to establish that they are false. These theories are often rooted in superstition, ignorance, and paranoia.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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