Sunday, May 22, 2022

    Easy Ways to Get Free AWS Credits

    AWS credits are simply a way to save on your Amazon Web Service (AWS) bill. These credits work as coupons to help lower your bill. Since these AWS credits help save you money, they are highly sought after. How can you earn these credits? Today, we are going to explain a few simple ways you can start earning AWS credits quickly.

    AWS Webinars

    If you attend any of the AWS webinars often, you will be given AWS credits. The way you will be given these credits to provide proof that you participated in the webinar. AWS is putting on these webinars and events often, so it would be a good idea to keep an eye on their website to see when the next event is so that you can earn some AWS credits!

    Publish AnAlexa Skill

    If you have any interest in development, then you’re in luck! For each Alexa skill you publish, you can receive one hundred dollars in AWS. This is a win-win for anyone looking to test their skill set and be rewarded!

    AWS Activate

    AWS Activate was created to help startup companies by awarding them up to one hundred thousand dollars in AWS credits. AWS activate is a fantastic tool for startups because of how quickly it gives them the resources they need to grow within the AWS infrastructure. There are two variations of AWS Activate, which are AWS Founders and AWS Portfolio.

    AWS Activate Founders

    The AWS Activate Founders program was created for companies that are bootstrapped or self-funded. If your organization hasn’t raised any funding, such as venture capital, seed, or angel funding, you may be eligible to apply. Not only will you receive the AWS credits, but you will also receive technical and business support.

    AWS Activate Portfolio

    The AWS Activate Portfolio is different from the founder’s program. This is because these startups have received seed or venture capital funding. The AWS Activate Portfolio will offer your startup up to one hundred thousand dollars in AWS credits. You can choose between two different types of credits. AWS Activate Credits that will help cover the cost of AWS services or AWS Activate Business Support Credits, which will help you, cover the cost of technical support. 

    AWS Marketplace

    A quick way to earn two hundred dollars in AWS credits is to discover, purchase, and deploy cloud-based networking and solutions offered on the AWS Marketplace. If you do this, you will receive two hundred dollars in AWS credits when you subscribe to one of their qualifying products.

    Easy To Earn AWS Credits

    As you can see, it’s incredibly easy to earn AWS credits. If you follow the tips provided above, you will be on your way to racking up a ton of credits to help you deploy on AWS. Remember, there are plenty of other methods out there to earn AWS credits, but the methods featured here are what we think are the simplest. Good luck, and go get those credits!

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