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5 Advantages of Buying Facebook Likes

Why do people buy likes?

These days social media has become a major tool to advertise businesses, products, services and ideas. People take to platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and many others to increase their online presence. It is all about creating a strong following and a loyal audience. Social media is no more just a source of recreation and making friends online, it is a marketing strategy that has been adopted by a number of major brands to communicate and create an interactive forum for their customers. 

Advertising through Facebook is quick and gives results immediately. One can also reach thousands of people with minimum effort. This method of advertising is also cost efficient. This is one of the major reasons people take to Facebook to interact with their customers as it saves a lot of money. There are no expensive posters required, no ads on the television, no celebrity endorsement that would cost a fortune for an upcoming brand. Just a few thousand likes which can be bought results in a lot of reach and therefore more customers.  There are many alternatives to facebook

The Like button was presented in 2009 on Facebook. From that point forward, it is viewed as the currency of the virtual community – individuals got dependent on likes as a type of social evidence, which is an indication of your prevalence and significance. Likes gradually turned into a critical factor for organizations when they began to flood the platform in light of its developing client base. 

Essentially when a Facebook user likes a page it means that they are interested in what the page has to offer and want to see more of its content. This will also lead to the person getting regular updates about activities on the page on the users’ News Feed. This helps the user stay up to date about their favourite pages. 

Buying Facebook likes is a quick and easy way to improve your page and make it more popular on the platform. In the virtual world it is all about getting more likes or followers. Therefore, people tend to ditch the organic methods and buy facebook likes instead. 


1. Attention: A fair amount of likes creates a hype about the page. The number of likes is what catches the eye of the viewer, the higher the number the more likely a person likes it too. The increase in likes also tunes the Facebook algorithm to make a page appear more often as search engine results. However, apart from likes on one’s page the content should also be engaging and gripping enough to hold the viewers’ attention. 

2. Creates Trust: When a user on Facebook visits a particular business page and sees the high number of likes it immediately forms a strong trust in their minds. The viewer feels that the page has something of quality as the page has proved itself to be credible. They might also feel like they can refer the page to others and encourage people to buy the services or goods that the brand is offering. 

3. Quicker: Organic likes might take a really long time to reach a high number and it can be majorly disappointing to see that all the time and effort put into increasing the number of Facebook likes for the page results in only a minor reach. Therefore, buying Facebook likes is a quicker way to increase the presence of the business and also acts as a source of motivation to do even better. Facebook likes are an efficient way to create a potential customer base or a strong and loyal audience to what you have to offer.

4. Engagement: In case of a website, the Facebook page can also be used to advertise it. By adding the website link under the Facebook post, the website URL will be seen by all those users who view the post. This in turn increases the virtual reach of the website as it has a larger audience and more people will click on the link to visit the website. 

If the Facebook page is that of a sales company that is selling a service or a good online, a large amount of likes helps attract people to boost sales by a large margin. It also encourages the existing followers and customers to recommend the product to other friends and family. 

5. Motivation: The increased number of likes also adds a sense of responsibility on the admin of the page to create more quality content so as to not let down his audience. It acts as a motivation and pushes one to be more engaging and active on the page. No viewer would be happy to see a page with a huge number of likes along with a dead feed. It would clearly raise suspicion among the audience which in turn will result in less of a reach for the business. 

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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