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A Beginner’s Buying Guide: Choose the Best Longines Watch for You

Longines, first-ever originated from the style of Saint-Imier, has been one of the top-notch and legendary watches since its first-ever release in 1832. Best known as an easy-to-wear timepiece, the brand always uses high-quality materials and features an elegant design in every watch it produces in the market. There are many varieties for you to pick, like the Conquest V.H.P., which has high-productivity and a slight variation in years; Hydro Conquest, which you can use even underwater pressure; and Master Collection, which gives a significant level of innovation. 

If you ask which one is more suitable for you to use and the best model to put your investment, we will share how to pick Longines watches and recommended products that are so popular these days. To find out, simply keep reading the information below.

Choose a Timepiece Based on Your Style

Many collections of Longines Watches highlight models that stay true to their branding. If you are someone who considers styling, look at the series with a good look that is brimming with tradition and the series with a rich look that ladies also want to suggest.

  1. For a classic vibe, you can try the La Grande Classique

If you prefer watches with a feeling of tradition, we suggest models with exemplary designs like “La Grande Classique Longines”. This one is said to have reliably reproduced the colonization period’s model, and it likewise has the appeal of an antique timepiece. If ever that you prefer a collection with a custom as the watchword, you can feel Longines’ story simultaneously. 

  1. For a beautiful and impressive look, the excellent collection Dolce Vita 

If you prefer to seek after magnificence, why not consider the “Elegant Collection” or “Dolce Vita”. The rich collection, whose face motto “Elegance is an attitude” became well-known, is famous as a representative series collection of Longines. Other luxury models that come with crystals in the dial can be your top-pick option as well.

This model is also a slim square type, and it has an exciting trademark that different gatherings don’t have, and it always creates a better and feminine arm whenever you’re wearing it. Plus, “Equestrian”, which features a creative design, is likewise famous as a model with a fashionable element.

Select a series based on your desired features

Longines watches are likewise excellent for their elite performance through unconventional techniques. Choosing based on your preferred functionality is an excellent way of deciding which timepiece to obtain.

  1. If looks are a first on your checklist, consider “Master Collection” and “Record”

The “MasterCollection” is a perfect match for someone who wants an elite watch. It is one of the collections that can be supposed to be the crystallization of Longines’ practice and innovation, which has been engaged with watchmaking for a few years and has lovely highlights. For instance, you’ll notice how high-performance color-wheel adaptation is present and the foundation of a power reserve.

  1. Pick Conquest for best accuracy

All Longines watches are widely recognized for their high accuracy, yet on the off chance that you’re searching for a model that is just about as precise as possible, then “Conquest” is the best suited for you because it comes with the most reliable quartz model, “V.H.P.” in the entire Swiss quartz records. It even gets so much interesting attention from everywhere globally due to its high accuracy, which is significantly higher than other high-precision Swiss watches. 

If you prefer quality, consider the watch movement

While needing a wristwatch, it is one of the interests for everybody to decide if to utilize a quartz movement or a self-winding watch (mechanical). Generally speaking, it should be a quartz type on the off chance that it is highly reliable and a self-winding type if ever that you need to utilize it for a long time. But with Longines timepieces, it is better to focus on the type (model name of the development). 

  1. Pick the high-precision caliber “L288”, if you would like to go quartz

The most noteworthy system caliber that Longines group companies specially create is “L288”. This model is best known as the most accurate watch in the entire history of quartz. Being said, it draws so much attention from anyone across the globe.

Yes, it is given that Japanesecomapniess is renowned for the high accuracy of quartz; however, by working on higher accuracy quartz, the most outstanding reviews about Longines watches have been reminded. 

  1. For the self-winding type, go for one of the world’s best existing model, “L688” 

If ever you decide to go for the “self-winding” type, we suggest the model equipped with type L688, widely known as a unique movement created and made for Longines by E.T.A., the world’s top-one movement maker. In 2010, it was published and installed in the column-wheel chronograph model; however, it is more extravagantly completed than the conventional E.T.A. development.

In a Nutshell

For centuries, the Longines watches lineup has been rocking the world of the watchmaking industry. It ensures to highlight a strong devotion of tradition, elegance, and performance in every model released in the market. Recognized also as part of the Swatch Group Ltd, which is best known as the world’s leading manufacturer of horological products. If you decide to invest in a Longines timepiece, check out now for excellent deals and discounts!

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