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If you are looking for a beginner’s guide and want to know how to start selling on Amazon UK? So you are at the right place.

So many people want to start their business on Amazon but don’t know-how, so we decided to help you how you can start your own business on Amazon. Now your dream comes true, and you can also start your work. Below we mentioned the complete guideline for you. It will help you that how to start selling on Amazon UK. Full service Amazon Agency will help you to start selling on Amazon UK.

Read the complete details and work according to the instructions!

What we cover

  1. Selling on Amazon UK
  2. How to sell on Amazon UK (Plans)
  3. Payment methods
  4. Fulfillment method of Amazon UK
  5. Checklist to getting started your business on Amazon UK


If you don’t have an approach in the UK marketplace and want to sell your product on Amazon, “You can.”

Do you know what an amazing thing about selling on Amazon UK is? 

Only with one click, you can sell your products to five European-based marketplaces at once. Here is a list including:

  • Amazon Italy
  • Amazon Netherlands
  • Amazon Spain
  • Amazon Germany
  • Amazon France

These marketplaces give you more advantages of selling, helping you boost your capability without making any extra other efforts.

Let’s move to the other step and learn more about the perfect selling process and other policies you can’t ignore.


If you want to sell your product on Amazon UK, you should decide on the selling plans. There are two selling plans: Individual plan or Basic plan and Professional plan.

If you choose the basic plan, you can maximum sell 35 products per month or less than that? You have to pay a completion fee and referral fee for each item you will sell in this plan.

On the other hand, professional sellers can sell higher volumes. They can sell more than one product at a time, and they have access to bulk listing tools.

Now the question is that, how much does it cost to sell on Amazon UK?

Those who sell their products on basic and individual plans pay £0.75 per product sold and additional fees.

In the professional selling plan, you pay a monthly subscription fee of £25, excluding VAT, it is unconcerned whether you list or sell any of your products. The fee is not refundable, and additional charges are applicable.

Now one more question is, why the selling on Amazon UK is worthy?

Let’s talk about this point and get some benefits.

Amazon is unified, and it is a European marketplace. It means that it gives you the benefit of managing your orders across the other five marketplaces with the UK.

While increasing your business income is one benefit, you can also test your products in these marketplaces without much investment. It means you can sell your products across the borders and increase your market share without much effort.

Amazon makes it too easy, now no need to worry about selling your products anywhere you want.


If you are worried about how you will receive and send international payment, it is simple and easy. Selling on Amazon UK is a low-budget opportunity. Once your business gets started, then you need to receive and send payments and other file taxes. If you are using a domestic account for international payments, Amazon will only charge a conversion currency fee to withdraw your foreign currency. You can find an alternative like transfer wise. Like transfer wise, these accounts help Amazon sellers that allow them to transfer or send their money easily at low-cost, and this method is a quick way to transfer the money and secure it.

You can add your borderless account details to your Amazon seller account and take your payment in British Pounds or any other currencies if you expand your business.


When you finally decided your product or hunted your product for the next step, you should follow the fulfillment method. You can manage the product delivery by yourself (FBM) or let Amazon take charge. If you choose to deliver the products, you get an email notification from Amazon when an order is placed. Once the order is placed, then you have to pack and deliver it. So make sure that you have known about the third-party distribution centers to understand shipping and storage costs. So, it means that if you choose this option, you will lose the title of Prime.

Amazon FBA

If you don’t want to fulfill your products, you can opt for the fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). When you sell the product, Amazon ships it for you. With Amazon FBA, you can store the products in Amazon fulfillment centers, and then retailers pick your product, pack it, distribute them, and handle the customer service.

FBA doesn’t charge any additional fee or charges for set-up or subscription; you only need to pay the fulfillment and storage fees. The fulfillment fee may differ based on dimension, the product’s weight, type of item (media or non-media), and the shipping method used.

Let’s talk about the inventory storage fee that is categorized into two types. From January till September, sellers have to pay £0.30 per cubic foot, per month and between October and December, the fee rises to £0.40 per cubic foot per month because of the holiday rush.

Is Amazon FBA beneficial?

Amazon FBA cost can be effective. It completely depends on your business model, the type of product, and the number of the product you are sell. Before you decide on the fulfillment method, you have to know that the service would be beneficial. You should add up the operating cost you spend on supplies of packing, labor, handling return, customer service, and warehouse space and investigate which method works well.

With Amazon FBA, you have several options, such as PAN-EU Program. If you choose this program, you will pay local fulfillment cost even if you ship an order to other European marketplaces.

If you want to choose the other program, that is the European fulfillment Network (EFN). This method allows you to store your items in one fulfillment center and sell them in different European markets. For this procedure, you need to localize your listing for other different countries.

How does unification work with Amazon FBA?

When you register on one marketplace like the UK, so you can sell on the other five European marketplaces (Italy, France, Netherlands, Spain, and Germany)

You want to choose your source marketplace – Amazon UK, and you can send your product to the other European marketplaces. So it means that you can manage your selling product under the same seller central account. Your orders are visible to the customers of different European Union regions.

Selling on Amazon UK and Amazon EU should stay informed of the Brexit changes and prepare their business accordingly.


If you want success on Amazon UK, you have to take advantage of the seller tools available in the marketplace. For this process, you have to keep such points in your mind.

Manage your legal obligations/ find someone to do it

 We observe that Europe’s product compliance and labeling regulations are stricter than the US. The compliance rules and product restrictions rules are visible within each country. You have to research and can contact overseas parties to take a lot of time and effort. You have to investigate quality insurance; it will help you.

So it is good to hire a lawyer who specializes in international law, and it will help you outline the legal. You have to follow compliance and tax obligations in the UK and other countries you are selling. With the sincere help, you should confine the specific EU labeling requirements and warranty laws that you have to observe that are required.

Pricing your product

When you are setting the price of a product you sell, you should consider demand and the product’s condition. As well as:

  • Research your competition and see how they are pricing their product.
  • Do estimate your product’s demand and set your prices according to the variable and referral fees, delivery costs, etc.

Ensure that the product’s price should be right, maintain the balance between profit margins and customers’ purchasing price.

Try out new products and start with small

If you are new and selling your product on Amazon, your learning qualities should be steep. Understanding your customer’s requirements in all marketplaces, payments, demands, and customer services expands your business.

Optimize the listing for the audience

When you finalize what you are selling, then you should create perfect content and use the relevant keywords for the ranking in Google. If your content is best, it will help to convince your customers to buy your product.

Follow these steps:

  • Use the most relevant keywords in the product title, description, and key points
  • Make sure you add all the important information about your product that is important for buyers
  • Take help from social media and other networks to gather the audience
  • Collect the attractive content for your brand story

Try to remove language barriers

No need to provide customer service in the language of the country you are selling in. It will improve your customer experience. Moreover, it will have a positive impact on your sales. If you choose FBA for selling, Amazon handles the customer service.

If you are using FBA or FBM, you should address the language barriers in your product’s listing. English is spoken across the UK and the US. There is a difference in words you should keep in your mind when you create a listing and do keyword research.

Personal experience of JT and Brothers

If you are still confused before starting your business on Amazon UK, I have something to share with you. Jt and brothers is a brand in the UK. They start their new business on Amazon. Jt and brothers are operating an online store; they are selling different varieties of products of multiple brands. Dealing in men, women, and also kids products. They prefer the quality and at reasonable prices.

They lunch their product on Amazon by “Stango” to visit their product and get some point to lunch your product. It will help you run your business, and you will learn many other things if you are a new seller.

When Jt and Brothers started their business, they faced many problems like product haunting, payment methods, and other legal obligations. With their efforts, they did everything efficiently.

There is no need to worry about if you’re a new seller on Amazon. You will manage everything, but do good research on each, and everything as research is the key to success in this business. Good Luck!

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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