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Blinds, Types and Materials Used: You Must Know

Every person needs privacy up to some extent, whether living in an urban home, apartment in the suburbia, or a cottage in the woods. The most effortless strategy to keep opening eyes or, you comprehend, light in common outside of your home is via window approaches like blinds.

Just make sure that you do not get confused between blinds and shades. Shades are composed of only a single sheet of material, drapes, or curtains built out of fabric. If that is not reasonably difficult, there are several forms of blinds. But don’t bother, as we are here to let you know much about them.

Blinds are composed of single, thin plastic, wood or metal strips that are easily adjustable. It means that you can adjust the level or height you want the amount of light to enter your room. Pellini Blinds from Morley Glass are the known blinds out there today. Let’ start with discussing the types of blinds:

Types of Blinds

Blinds are of different types, and we will discuss all of them one by one. Make yourself clear about them to choose the one that is perfect for your room.

  1. Venetian Blinds:

Venetian blinds are thought to be originated from Persia and not from Venice, just opposite to their name. When they were first brought from the West to Europe, they quickly suited one of the famous types of window solutions and are still prevalent today.

Venetian blinds are a set of stacked, 2 inches wide horizontal slats joined by fabricated cords or strips. For the blinds’ adjustment, you pull the cords to either turn the slats or draw them up together.

Venetian blinds are available in a diversity of materials; they are often built from wood. They seem useful on narrow windows and are mostly used in bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, and home offices.

Nowadays, cordless versions of Venetian blinds are also available, which most parents prefer when living with young children. These cords may entangle in their hands or neck that can cut these body parts.

  • Mini Blinds:

Mini blinds are quite similar to Venetian blinds in both style and use. The only difference is they have comparatively thinner slats measuring about one inch. They are typically made out of a metal such as aluminium; hence, they are more affordable than regular Venetian blinds.

Due to the metallic surface, mini blinds are easier to clean. You can also take mini blinds one level faraway with micro blinds, which have a slats thickness of just half an inch.

  • Vertical Blinds:

Vertical blinds are a series of vertical slats like the other blinds. They are often made of a metal such as aluminium and hanged from a track. Like the Venetian blinds, their slats can be either rotated or pulled up together to the side. It is done to filter and regulate the quantity of light entering the room.

For homes having a sliding glass door between the living room and terrace or kitchen and patio, vertical blinds are an excellent option. They are a perfect piece to manage both light and privacy.

  • Panel Track Blinds:

Panel track blinds are a riff over the vertical blinds. They incorporate wide cloth slats that are a combination of blinds and shades. Also, they are hung from a track but are different from vertical blinds. Here, you can move the slats independently of each other.

In vertical blinds, you can pull the slats only to one side. However, in the panel track blinds, you can move them in either direction or split down in the mid.

  • Smart Blinds:

You may know regarding smartphones, smart TVs, and even smart thermostats and smart lightbulbs, but did you know about smart blinds? However, conventional blinds can be both hand-powered and automatic; smart blinds use technology and move to the next level.

Smart blinds are not only powered up automatically, but they also can be controlled via an app or through voice command. They can also be programmed to systematise as per day timing, the quantity of light striking them, and catch sun motion.

Indeed, these features appear with a more expensive price tag than standard blinds with the usual, old-fashioned pull cords. But they are perfect for improving your luxurious life.

Materials Used in Blinds

As blinds come in different types, including the Smart and ScreenLine Blinds, they are also made from different materials. The most common materials used in blinds are:

  1. Wood:

Almost any wood variety can be used for making blinds, which can be stained in different colours. Wood blinds are preferred due to their empathetic look, though they can be challenging to sustain in rooms with moisture, such as bathrooms or rooms with humidity.

Wood blinds work with any size windows, but they are especially perfect for larger windows because wood slats have lesser weight than their faux-wood equivalents. They are usually more expensive than synthetic or metal blinds.

Moreover, wooden blinds are also a little more eminent maintenance. You are not recommended to use strong chemicals for cleaning them to avoid wood damage.

  • Metal:

Metal blinds are mostly made up of aluminium. They are exceptional at reflecting both light and heat. For people living in a tropical climate, metal blinds are the ideal option to go with. In contrast to wooden blinds, they are highly durable and easy to maintain.

In terms of price, they are on the more affordable side as compared to wooden blinds. They can be a little noisy during the opening at closing them. Also, due to their sharp edges, they can harm anyone who cleans them up.

  • Plastic:

Plastic blinds are usually made out of vinyl, such as PVC, which is the most affordable of the materials. But they don’t forever seem as polished as wood or faux wood. However, they do come in various colours and textures and can mimic the appearance of wood.

Although plastics are not the most rigid materials for blinds, they are resilient and dent to a lesser extent. The plastic can last for long and fulfil the privacy requirements.

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