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Hair Transplant in Turkey: Before and After Results

Hair loss is a problem that everyone deals with differently. Hair loss is particularly bad for women, and men can also suffer extremely from it. Full hair is a symbol of vitality and youthfulness, and for many, it is a strived for the ideal of beauty. First of all, it is important to determine the cause of hair loss, which is not that easy. The search often ends in the sand, and nutritional supplements or topically applied products are also unsuccessful.

One is often confronted with hereditary alopecia, which can gradually lead to light hair and bald spots. A hair transplant Turkey can then be the hoped-for salvation. You can convince yourself of the Turkish specialists’ first-class work with the help of the before-and-after pictures. The country’s intervention on the Bosporus is much cheaper and very impressive in terms of quality. This is partly due to their many years of experience and the excellent technical equipment in the clinics.

Hair transplant in Turkey is convinced with low costs

Cosmetic surgery has its price, so cost is an important criterion for most patients when choosing a clinic. Indeed, it is also true that one should not save at the wrong end in this case. After all, it is a big step that will have a major impact on the rest of your life. However, if the offers are too cheap, you should pay attention. However, this does not apply to a hair transplant in Turkey because the procedures there are generally up to 70 percent cheaper.

However, this has nothing to do with poor quality but is due to the generally lower wage costs in this country. The Turkish clinics are all very well equipped and can also implement all innovative surgical procedures. Besides, the surgeons and their staff have enjoyed an excellent education and regularly participate in training courses and seminars to deepen their knowledge. If you wish, you can also book an all-inclusive package in many clinics do not have to worry about anything yourself.

Great results of the hair transplant in a before and after comparison

A hair transplant in Turkey can put thick hair back on the head. This can be a glimmer of hope, especially if you suffer from androgenetic alopecia. Otherwise, this cannot be stopped permanently with any therapy so that the hair visibly shrinks. The transplanted hair will fall out a few weeks after the operation as the hair follicles go into the resting phase.

A few months later, however, they bring out new hair so that you can judge the result after about a year. This result will usually be retained for a lifetime. How you might look later can be imagined using the before-and-after pictures you can look at during the consultation. This is a good way to convince yourself of the hair transplant before after.

The Turkish Estepera Hair Transplant Clinic has been running a clinic in Istanbul for 10 years and specializes in hair transplants. It can also convince in a before-and-after comparison because it can show a growth rate of at least 98 percent. In 2019 he was even able to win the European Award in Medicine for his performance and became the hair transplant Turkey test winner on the WhatClinic. Above all, he relies on the tried and tested FUE technique to perform under particularly gentle anesthesia. If you don’t want to try a hair transplant right away, you can also try a PRP treatment first. Looking at hair status before and after, the results are a big reason to choose the Estepera Clinic to decide.

Have a DHI hair transplant in Turkey

The so-called DHI technique is one of the most advanced methods of hair transplantation. The DHI hair transplant is so gentle because no incisions have to be made on the transplants’ scalp. With the help of a special implantation pen, the grafts are removed from the donor area and then moved to the clear areas in the next step. In contrast to the other methods, there is no need for intermediate storage in a nutrient solution in this case. The healing process is much faster, and there are no scars to worry about.

At the Estepera Hair Transplant Clinic, the classic FUE hair transplant can also be performed with sapphire blades. These are extremely sharp and thus enable very precise work. The doctors use soft anesthesia for all procedures, as this is exceptionally gentle and makes the operation very comfortable for the patient. He is approachable all the time and can even go to the bathroom or have a bite to eat. Also, details or change requests can still be discussed during the hair transplant.

Hair transplant in Turkey brings positive experiences

The results of the hair transplant / Turkey can be seen in an international comparison. You can find numerous testimonials from satisfied patients who have undergone a hair transplant at the EstePera Clinic on the Internet. The clinic can score not only with reasonable prices but also with a wealth of experience and state-of-the-art equipment. The many positive experiences you are at the Estepera Hair Transplant Clinic are definitely in good hands if you read.

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Sam Allcock
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