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How Social Media Helps Students

Many parents and teachers seem to shun social media and automatically classify it as an unproductive tool, but that is not always the case. The recent efforts at social media education have shown that students can actually do more than just cause trouble when they go online.

Here are ways that social media help.

Blog Posts for Essays

Essays are a constant part of a student’s life, so it would not hurt to have a place where they can access free essays on social media. Starting a blog where all work written, submitted, and marked is published could help other students work on their assignments. Writing pieces like those at https://phdessay.com/free-essays-on/social-media/ show how important social media is student’s lives. The idea is to assign a blog post per student with an essay topic that will not only help them improve their writing skills but also enlighten their peers. This could open them up to a career in writing later in their lives.


Learning in class is great, but you need to know how to interact with people for this education to be valuable. When a student joins a social media group to benefit from sharing information with their peers, they create new connections. They may not seem that important at the beginning since they are only in school, but over time they could prove valuable. Also, being able to make friends is already a skill that will help beyond school. They stay in the know of events happening around them such as marathons, competitions, and even parties. These same networking skills will help them know when opportunities arise later in their lives.

Global Exposure

It starts with creating friends online who are from other countries and then maybe planning to visit each other over the summer holidays. Even if they don’t get to travel physically but with social media resources they still get the chance to learn about other cultures and how people in other countries live. Virtual interaction is one of the ways social media can help you travel. People get to share about culture, food, interests, facts that one may have gotten wrong about the other’s country, and new languages. If it is allowed, they can even share classroom lessons through their phones. This interaction is especially handy when one wants to go to university in a foreign country. It also leads to respect for other cultures as well as firsthand information on a country.

Expressing themselves Creatively

We are gifted differently and there is nowhere better to show this than social media. One can post photos, blog posts, and just about anything else that helps them express their creativity. This deviates from the old way of expression where a person had to physically present their art. With the current trends, these expressions could lead to a career or income-generating side hustle even as a student works their way through college.

Social Media Marketing and Influencing

If you are really good at creating posts that generate lots of interest, you could have a future in social media influencing. This means working with organizations to create content that brings people to their social pages and eventually converting them to customers. Today, young people are making pretty sums of money doing what comes naturally to them – such as entertaining people online. Other ways one can benefit their peers while making a name for themselves online is through a YouTube channel where one could teach their peers hacks that will benefit them.

Job Opportunities

As you advance your education, you will start looking for jobs to practice what you have been learning in school. With a good social media following, you are likely to create more leads for yourself than someone with no presence at all. LinkedIn is yet another social site that allows people to display their skills and academic qualifications so they can get ahead. It is one of the tools that today’s youth cannot afford to ignore when looking for exciting opportunities.

Not all Bad, Right?

Using social media for studentscan help set up a student for success in the future. They will have the avenue to communicate with their peers in a way that comes naturally to them and this may translate to great communication skills after school. As long as it is used for good, a student is likely to benefit more from being socially active than being reclusive.

Sam Allcock
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