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How to Accessorise For Your Zoom Meetings

The phrase “stay ahead of the game” has never before been so literal. Daily Zoom meetings mean that our head and shoulders are now the main part of our body that is seen. This  means that the sales of accessories and beauty products are now on the rise.

Considering how much time we spent in the office before the pandemic, work clothes were where we got to show off our style. Now most of the time is spent in our pyjamas working from the comfort of our beds which means that when there is an office Zoom call we want to look our best. So how do you manage to do that when all that is on show is your head and shoulders? With your accessories of course!

  • New Look’s collection of earrings is a great place to start – from demure to disco, they have all kinds of options. Obviously you need to keep in mind your work environment when choosing which pair you want to wear. The 3 pack gold stud, plait and hoop earrings set is perfect. These 3 pairs are ideal for work, the small demure studs are perfect when you don’t want to distract from what you are saying, the rounded hoops are ideal for the meeting where you are not centre of attention, but want to stand out more and then the hoop earings are ideal for that more relaxed meeting.
  • The Gold T-Bar Layered Necklace from New Look is another great option. Ideal with a plain shirt, it is just the right amount of bling to brighten up a plain shirt or t-shirt. You can save some money at the same time by using a New Look promo code to shop the look!
  • A vintage brooch pinned to your top is guaranteed to show off your style without stealing the spotlight. The Vintage Jeweller has an amazing collection that will suit every budget and desire. Their Art Onyx and Diamond Bar Brooch is understated enough to work with any outfit but unusual enough to let your personality shine through.
  • The Emerald Pendant Necklace in sterling silver from Ruby and Oscar with it’s stunning emerald pendant that is big enough to be noticed but not too big to take away from what you are saying.
  • When looking for accessories where better to go than Accessorize! Your hair is another very important feature that is on show so why not dress it up. Accessorize has a varied choice when it comes to hair clips, hair bands and the 80s favourite accessory that has made a comeback, the scrunchie!
  • A Liberty of London silk print necktie or vintage silk scarf with an open neck plain colour shirt is ideal for brightening up a tired face and covering up any potential of turkey neck as the camera is not kind to physical flaws. Try not to pick a particularly busy print as you may make your viewers eyes blurry.
  • Whether you use your hands to gesticulate when speaking or you are taking notes, your hands will be on show so invest in a nice chunky ring or stackable rings from ASOS and make sure that your manicure is in tip top shape.

Most people’s biggest fear is public speaking, what about when that public is also private. How do you deal with letting people into your private life all while dealing with the terror of public speaking? Vogue had some tips on how to do so. We all know how when we look good on the outside it gives us more confidence to feel more comfortable in what we are doing. So choose the right accessory so you feel as confident as you look.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcockhttps://www.abcmoney.co.uk
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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