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How to Consistently Earn Money by Playing Casino Games in 2021

If you are an avid gambler (or casual, doesn’t matter), you certainly heard that gambling is pure luck and that you can’t consistently earn money from it. You may heard even worse gambling prudes, who claim that everything is rigged, every game you can find online, at your local casino, literally every game and every machine cheats in a way that don’t allow you to win big ever! Of course, that’s not true, and if you have any experience with online casinos UK you definitely know that’s not true!

It is always possible to get at least some money playing online slots and other casino games, but is it viable to expect that you will have at least a bit of edge over the house if you do some things we will reveal to you in this article. It is always important to know that luck will play a major role in your gambling endeavors, but by no means that’s the only thing that matters.

Don’t Skip the Basics

We have to state the obvious — you must learn the game in order to pay the game. Of course, some of you would say this is something which is clear to everyone, but we would beg to differ. There are many gamblers who just see the sparkling new slot machine and start spending their money on it. They know nothing about it, they don’t know RTP, volatility and they are still willing to sit there and spend their money.

Don’t be one of those guys, do your homework. First, if we talk about online slots, you can find a demo version of literally any slot that is available online, and try it of free before investing your money into it. Learn about the RTP, volatility, read reviews and testaments from other players, and only then, if everything seems fine, play for money.

Don’t Just Sit at the Table with the Most Beautiful Dealer

If you like card games more than slots, don’t just fall for the oldest trick in the book — sexy dealer which will make you play hasty and lose everything you get.

It doesn’t matter if you play in your local casino or online. Every major casino now offers live dealer games and those games are definitely more attractive than the games you play against bots or RNGs. Also, you can exploit some flaws those human dealers have, right? Right, but it often ends up the other way around — human dealers exploit your weaknesses, and that is especially the case when you get charmed by some female dealer. Believe me, they are not just so cute and innocent and sometimes clumsy, they know what they are doing. And before you know it, you lose everything and they will leave you scratching on the head wondering what went wrong.

Don’t Break the Bank

Another advice you have to always have in mind is — never break your bank, because playing and losing the money you can’t afford to lose leads to all those sad stories we all heard already.

However, sticking to the bank is not easier than it looks. That’s not only a psychological thing, it is also a matter of carefully placing your bets and actually using math before doing anything hasty. By doing so, you will be safe from bankrupt, you will be able to manage your funds efficiently, and calculate your bets in a way which will allow you to earn more money when you find the best bet amount than just playing it all by the hunch.

Make the Most out of Bonuses and Promotions

Bonuses and promotions are bread and butter for most of the online casino players, because it allows them to earn money with investing very little money.

When registering to a new casino just for the sake of taking a bonus, and then, like a grasshopper, jump to another site as soon as possible, you can’t rush and just take the offer you see in some targeted advertisement. You must evaluate the offer, and most importantly, check wagering requirements.

It is often a case that you see an amazing offer, which will let you get hundreds of pounds without breaking a sweat, right? Well, not exactly. Because in nine out of ten cases, those amazing offers have brutally hard wagering requirements, you simply cannot beat. So, what’s the point then? That offer stays only on paper, if you don’t get a chance to withdraw your money, you are just wasting it.

It is way better to claim an offer which seems worse and gives you less money if you win, if after reading the rules seem that you will claim smaller bonus, but that outcome is probable. Don’t try to be greedy, because it simply won’t work, and you will just throw your money into the well.

Accept RNG, Don’t Try to See Patterns Where There Are no Any

Every slot game is based on the random number generator. The future spins are not affected by the past spins. No matter how much you want to find the reason why you should place your bets on red, because black numbers were winners seven times, the chance of the next spin gets red/black is the same — 49%. And it is always 49% no matter what you think and how does it look, just because the future is not predefined by the choices you made before.

And no, the machines are not rigged because you are losing, they simply give an edge to the house, because the very game design that gives them the advantage.


Playing slots and other casino games to get a constant source of income is not easy, but it is possible. You will need to pay close attention to all things mentioned in this guide, and just control yourself when playing.

There is nothing worse than breaking a bank, instead of taking a closer look at slot characteristics and re-evaluate your bets and overall play.

That is the only viable long-term strategy when playing online slot games.

Claire James
Claire James
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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