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How To Hide Or Get Rid Of An Unwanted Tattoo

Tattoos are rising in demand with detailed designs and personal memories. However, due to personal choices or simply regretting decisions, many people will find ways to hide or get rid of their tattoos. There are a high number of methods, products, and services available to remove tattoos. You must find the safest method to ensure there is no damage to your skin. Below are some safe and efficient ways to do this before you make any decisions on laser tattoo removal.

1. Make-up cover-up.

Camouflaging your tattoo with makeup is a quick solution. Yes, there is makeup out there invented precisely for covering tattoos! Different from the one you would use for the face. If you find the tattoo is not blending with the makeup, try using a lighter foundation to offset the dark lines. Then, put a natural foundation on top of that. It may need several coats of foundation to cover it up until unnoticeable.

2. Clothing

The easiest way to hide a tattoo is to use your outfit, especially if it’s for a formal event or even job interviews! Your sleeves and trousers can comfortably cover up visible tattoos around your arms and legs. A scarf will cover up your neck whereas gloves can cover up hand or wrist tattoos. Feet/ankle tattoos can be covered up with long socks and shoes. Hats will cover head tattoos. In some cases, they can also hide artwork behind your ears or along your hairline. It just means you can get inventive with your outfit. Check a mirror before you leave to ensure your tattoos are no longer visible.

3. Permanent laser tattoo removal

If you’re always hiding your tattoo, you may want to consider laser tattoo removal. Whether it was a teenage mistake or a sign of devotion to a now ex-boyfriend, go to a professional clinic and have a consultation and patch test. This will ensure laser removal is the safest and effective option for you depending on your skin.

PicoWay and PicoSure are the most effective laser tattoo removal devices on the market, make sure you do your research before starting. Pulse Light Clinic offer some great advice on the best laser tattoo removal devices around. The laser practitioner will target the laser light energy towards the tattoo to break the ink up. It can take on average 8-12 treatments to fully remove a tattoo. You will want to avoid surgery or dermabrasion as this usually damages the skin requires downtime and occasionally can leave a scar behind.

4. Cover up tattoo

Another option if you’re constantly hiding a tattoo, get another one! Covering up an old tattoo with new ink is a great way to fix this dilemma. Reach out to a tattoo artist who specialises in cover-ups and show them your ink. There’s a unique talent to this as you have to take the original tattoos colour and size into account while you’re designing the cover-up, so work with a tattoo artist with experience in this.

Depending on the original artwork, the artist may be able to build off of the initial tattoo to make it into a new art piece entirely. If not, you may need to work with a combination of a few laser tattoo removal treatments and wait 3-6 months for the cover-up to ensure the ink does not become lumpy within the skin.

Claire James
Claire James
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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