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How to Promote Your Ecommerce Store with Instagram Videos

The e-commerce industry is expected to grow more rapidly than ever before. This is why everyone is trying to establish their own ecommerce store in order to grab a slice of the pie. There are many ways through which you can promote your store. One of them is through video marketing on Instagram! Instagram is an extremely famous video and picture-sharing application that is used by millions of people around the globe. This makes it a perfect platform for marketers to reach out to their target audience.

What is Instagram Video Marketing?

But what is Instagram video marketing? Well, it refers to creating video content to generate both sales and engagement through the social platform. You can use different features to create a highly creative video that would certainly get the attention of the viewers. On Instagram, there is a good chance that your video marketing efforts would work out. Why? Well, it has been revealed from a study conducted by Quintly that video drives more engagement as compared to photos.

Types of Instagram Videos

Let’s now discuss the types of Instagram videos that would help you in promoting your e-commerce store the most.

#1. In-Feed Instagram Videos

These are those videos that show up in your feed. These are similar to those in-feed videos that you find on other social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Such videos rank on the basis of engagement. People can comment and like the videos. They can even save it if they liked what they saw.

Now you must be wondering how such videos work. Well, the first thing you should remember is that the videos can only be up to 60 seconds in duration. These videos would autoplay without sound. If a user has turned off this feature then a thumbnail would be shown with a play button. You will also be given a choice to either share a single video or to make a carousel post that can contain up to 10 videos or pictures.

To make sure your videos get the best result while using this method, you should follow these steps

  • Use catchy thumbnails
  • Keep the videos short
  • Tag products
  • Use subtitles


#2. Instagram Video Stories

This feature is really popular among Instagram users. It has been reported that almost 500 million people post stories on the platform daily. And you would be surprised to know that about one-third of the stories published are done by businesses. For creating Instagram video stories, you need to make sure to keep its duration to 15 seconds. But here’s the thing. You can create multiple stories and post them as one. Plus, there is no limit on the number of stories you share. Remember that these stories would stay on your account for just 24 hours before disappearing. You will have an option to save these videos and display them on your profile as a highlight.

Here are a few tips that you can use to ensure that your videos get better results.

  • Use stickers
  • Add links
  • Create hashtags


#3.  Instagram Video Ads

While in-feed videos can work great but if you want instant results then an Instagram video ad is the way to go. If you do this correctly then you can expect to receive more clicks and conversions. There are two ways you can run an Instagram video ad i.e., story ads and in-feed video ads. If you wish to go for this method then make sure that the in-feed video ads you create must be less than 60 seconds in duration whereas the story ads should be less than 15 seconds. For the in-feed video ad, the resolution would be 1:1 while for the story ad, it would be 9:16.

For your video ads to get the best results while using this method, you should consider the following tips.

  • Use less than 20% text in thumbnails
  • Make the videos as short as you can
  • Use simple language so that everyone can understand
  • Optimize both the funnel and the video for mobile



And there you have it! These are three Instagram video strategies that can help you promote your ecommerce store effortlessly. If you are thinking about which kind of content would click with the audience then try making tutorial, brand storytelling, product, and BTS or behind-the-scenes videos. Plus, don’t forget to subscribe to a good internet connection before you start promoting your business on the platform. I remember how I used Spectrum internet to market my products on Instagram to generate my initial sales. You can do the same to run a successful e-commerce business!

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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