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Learn the benefits of using face tools

Face tools such as the vibrating bands and rollers can help your skin absorb the skin care products that you use. The trick is that you have to give enough commitment and time when you are using face tools which may not happen due to your busy lifestyle.

But you must always make it a point of giving yourself time so that you can use the face tools and help out your skin in giving it a glow and make it look brighter. However, you must try luna by foreo facial tools. Here you will learn about the various facial tools that you can try.

  • Face rollers- There are various type of facial rollers that you will find in the market like wooden rollers, stone rollers, spiked metallic rollers, studded jaw massager etc. The main thing about a facial roller is to use it to massage the lymph system. It will also help to drain the toxins and the blockages in the face. Stone rollers can also provide cooling benefits and you can use the studded rollers to shape or massage your jaws. For acupressure, you can use the spiked rollers but you have to use it gently so that your skin does not get damaged.
  • Face sculptor- A face sculptor is a cooling and relaxing metal tool and it mimics the actions of the knuckles of a massager on your skin. This tool gently massages the skin and makes it firm and also gives it a toned appearance. It also helps in face lifting. You just need to roll it over your face firmly after you apply a serum which will add plumpness and give life to your skin.
  • T-bar wand- T-bar wand is a battery operated face tool. It may seem that this face tool is quite fancy and expensive but actually it is very much affordable. This vibrating T-bar wand imitates the actions of those expensive facial massagers that you will find in the salons. This tool helps to relax your skin and the facial muscles removing stress from your skin and tones the cheekbones. It also helps your skin to absorb the skincare products better.
  • Cleansing massager- It will help in deep cleaning of the skin and improves the cleansing action of the facial cleansers that you use. A relaxing pulsation is channelled through the silicon mould and it aids in removing oil, dirt, makeup and the dead cells from the skin gently. You can try luna by foreo which is an excellent face tool.
  • Electrical eye massager- Massaging your eyes is also an important part of the skin care regime. You may add an eye massager which will make your eyes look bright and awake. It will give the right amount of pressure to the eye area which is quite sensitive and the eye serums or creams that you apply will get absorbed well.

These face tools can be more relaxing and help to keep your skin firm and tone it. It can also help to contour your facial features.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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