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Path of Exile Updates Worth Looking Into for 2021

Here are some of the upcoming updates that are heading to Path of Exile for 2021

Path of Exile is a game that always has an update or two planned for the future, that’s just the way how it goes for many online games. Grinding Gear Games, the developer of Path of Exile, has been doing an exceptional job in keeping up with the wants of its community. Its latest expansion, Echoes of the Atlas, has been making players busy with the additional ways of farming Exalted Orbs and other types of PoE Currency. But alas, the end is nigh. The Echoes of Atlas expansion has been fun, but according to Grinding Gear Games, it’s time to move on to greener pastures. Just recently, they’ve made a couple of announcements that rocked the world of many Path of Exile fans around the world. It’s safe to say that 2021 is going to be one hell of a year for the beloved ARPG.

The Struggles of Putting Out Content in 2021

It’s been a while since there’s substantial content that’s slated to be put out for Path of Exile. According to Chris Wilson, the studio head of Grinding Gear Games, COVID has seriously deterred their initial plans. With work being done behind the scenes, the team has been doing everything they can for their plans to not falter. Almost every gaming studio has been massively hit by the pandemic, so it’s no surprise that even a well-known gaming company can take a hit. Additionally, things have been slow in terms of progress for the New Zealand-based developers. With the country’s border being closed, hiring is another problem that has to tackle. Not being able to hire other developers overseas isn’t helping, so fans and players alike will have to be extra patient when it comes to the releases of the updates for Path of Exile in 2021. They can only hope that they can get more than Exalted Orbs and other types of PoE Currency in return.

Meeting the Ultimatum

Grinding Gear Games has gotten the attention of thousands of fans around the world, and it’s all because of a single teaser video. While the Echoes of the Atlas is continuing its run, Grinding Gear Games has stealthily dropped a Path of Exile April Expansion Teaser video on YouTube which revealed a brand-new update that they’ve been working on for quite a while. In the video, gamers can see that it’s most likely that Vaal will be involved in some way or the other in this new expansion. The aesthetic of the Ultimatum expansion reminds players vividly of the Temple of Atzoatl back in the Incursion League. The Ultimatum is expected to go live on April 16th for PC players while console players will have to wait until April 21st. There’s no major news or information about the upcoming expansion just yet, but Grinding Gear Games has scheduled a full reveal and an in-depth talk about the details through the Path of Exile Twitch channel.

News About Path of Exile 2

It’s been a while since gamers have heard about any news about Path of Exile 2, but thankfully, Grinding Gear Games threw its players a sliver of information. The sequel was first revealed during the ExileCon event back in 2019, but its players haven’t got an idea about what’s to come for it since. In the teaser video for the Ultimatum expansion lies another short but sweet teaser. To put it simply, it’s a teaser upon a teaser. Along with the reveal of the Ultimatum expansion, more information about Path of Exile 2 will also be divulged in Path of Exile’s Twitch channel, which is set to go live on April 8th. Other than that, all players only know that Path of Exile 2 is slated to start for beta testing in 2022.

Final Thoughts

Grinding Gear Games has been clocking in the hours to make Path of Exile the best that it can be for 2021. The news isn’t exactly much, we’re only at the start of 2021, after all. Only time will tell how much content will its players get when the Ultimatum expansion and its league will be released. Players can expect new methods of acquiring different types of PoE Currency like Exalted Orbs for the Ultimatum expansion, but hopefully, there’s more to it than that. Path of Exile 2 is still a long way, but at the very least the community will be able to hear about the plans that the developers have been coming up with for the past two years for the awaited sequel. What do you think about the news Grinding Gear Games has brought us? Does it tickle your fancy for Path of Exile? Let us know your thoughts about the news down below!

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