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Tips to Find the Best Bouncy Castle Hire

When parents take their children for outdoor activities, they are delighted to see them happy and enjoying each game. Children fancy bouncy castle slides and jumps most among other outdoor activities. When hiring bouncy castle either for your child’s or a school event always consider your supplier in terms of safety and convenience.

The following is a straightforward guide on what to consider when considering a bouncy castle hire;

Size and weight

The size and weight of a bouncing castle determines what weight it can handle conveniently without exposing anyone to risks. The hire company must be able to guide you when choosing the size and weight of a bouncy castle. The size of your compound where you intend to place the castle must manage to accommodate it. It should be a size that is good enough to entertain the guests and still fit in your space perfectly.

Bouncy castles come with weight restrictions, when some can be used by adults, others are strictly meant for children up to a certain weight. You should be in a position to select your desired weight and size from your hire company. It is the hire company responsibility to explain the risks involved and give the client the right bouncy castle according to the need without compromising on standards for a sale.

Material and durability

The bouncy castle should be made of quality and up to standard material. A company that hires sub-standard bouncy castles exposes the client to the risk of deflating that can lead to injury. Commercial purpose inflatable are made to certain standards that are approved by relevant bodies. The standards ensure that the material meet the required British Standard EN14960:2013.  

The standard control body also guarantees that the panels of vinyl material used to make bouncy castle is stitched well and with a continuous flow of air.  Since air escapes through the stitched areas, it is important to have airflow all through when the bouncy castle is in use.  When a hire company is keen on quality and fine details such as size, the client is assured of safety. 


A professional castle hire company should be equipped with employees who can install the bouncy castle appropriately. They should understand the condition of your location to meet some needs that are specific to your area of installation. Since most bouncy castle inflator is electric powered, they might need power extensions.  Use of power extension can pose potential risks. A home environment is often not suitable for extensions and therefore suitable domestic leads and trip switch are needed for safety precautions.  All electric cables should be thoroughly inspected for any defects.

In some areas, electric powered inflator is not convenient and there are more risks that can occur. Generator powered inflators can be used as a better alternative. The hire company should fence or protect the area where the generator is placed. In addition, they should as well provide a fire extinguisher in the area. Confirm with the supplier about the type of inflator they use to determine where the inflatable will be located. This will determine if they will need to bring a generator for power supply or they can safely use the available electric power.

Installation grounds

Some castle hire companies take it a notch hire and safely fence around the bouncy castle.  This is an extra but very important safety measure. In case children trip while playing, they will not be at risk of falling on objects that can cause injuries.  Your ground is also considered to ensure it is fairly levelled. Sloppy grounds and presence of potholes create high chances of the castle turning over when children are up playing. Another factor to consider when it comes to the installation ground is presence of trees or walls close to the castle. The most suitable position should be away from trees and hazardous walls.

Features and theme of the event

A bouncing castle is meant to bring amusement and complete entertainment.  It should not be a simple inflated material for children to just jump and roll. Hire companies are providing models that come with exciting features. Features such as climbing wall, double lane, small pools at the end of the slides make them more entertaining. You can choose different features depending on the nature and age group of your guests. This makes the bouncy castle games long lasting and more enjoyable. Different groups of children can also select what feature in a bouncing castle is their preference.

The more the features the better, it does not require you to hire an extra bouncy castle since you can have more in a single package.  Make it a priority to go for a hire company that provides a wide range of bouncy castle in term of colour and features. Your event will be livelier and look perfectly organized if the castle matches the theme of the event. If a company can provide a castle that is inspired by your event, your guests will not only love the event but you will create great memories.

User Information and relevant certificates

Confirm with your hiring company if they provide the operational information before hire. This could be important in a case where they intend to install and leave. The manual gives information on how to operate the bouncy castle, number of children allowed at a go and activities that may be prohibited in the castle.  Some bouncy castles are not safe for children to somersault or climb on the walls.

Relevant certificates from the supplier should be provided. Some of these include; liability insurance cover, certificates of safety and risk assessment manual. These certificates are a sign of commitment of the hiring company to their job. It also gives you an assurance of safety and backup in case of eventualities.


If you have an upcoming event, hire a bouncy castle from a reliable and professional company like Ready Steady Bounce.  Hire from a company that meets the required standards with their equipment and cares about the safety of their clients. Remember to consider the above-mentioned factors for a great experience.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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