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Top 3 Guide Ideas To Match Your Rolex Watch with Your Outfit

Even though Rolex watches can be styled in so many different ways, your personal preferences will always be the most significant factor. You have just bought one of the most luxurious watch brands, and of course, showing it off won’t hurt anybody. However, it would help if you always considered how you are wearing a Rolex watch.

Can a Rolex Sea-Dweller be worn with a suit? A Rolex Cellini with a shirt and jeans? Mismatching your precious timepiece and your outfit might send a bleak intimation to the world. Although there are no definite rules and regulations, there are some universal guidelines for matching your Rolex watch with your outfit. 

  1. How A Rolex Watch Should Fit On Your Wrist

Generally, a watch must be worn on the lower part of the forearm by the side of the wrist. Regardless if you wear a Rolex watch leather strap or on a metal bracelet directly on your wrist, which might be uncomfortable sometimes for multiple reasons. 

First, the rigid element that juts out in the luna’s head or on the pinky side of the wrist will tend to hurt if there is a bulky Rolex watch situated on top of it for some time. Additionally, the chronograph button on a Daytona or the winding crown might crack into your hand is not good as it may cause scratching or blisters.

On the other hand, always keep in mind when you’re trying to find the perfect fit for you, the watch must be seated on the area next to the wrist because wearing a clock in the proper position on your arm will be leading to a more comfortable and convenient way to wear throughout the day.

Correct Wrist

In most cases, it’s advisable to wear a watch on a non-dominant hand. This lets for a comfortable work of the watch’s functions with the dominant hand. For this reason, the majority of the right-handed people wear their eyes on their left hand, and some looks are constructed for right-handed individuals. 

Some watches like the chronograph buttons on a Rolex Yacht-Master II or Daytona are mainly designed to be used in the right hand. While it can still be used on the left hand, the entire configuration is even intended for the right-hand operation. For that, personal comfort is supreme. At the end of the way, you still have the final verdict on where to wear it.

  1. Ensure Your Rolex Is Not Too Tight Or Too Loose

It’s essential to wear your Rolex on your wrist in the right fit, just like any shoes and clothes. If it’s too tight, wearing it might be uncomfortable, wildly, if your wrist lightly swings throughout time. When it’s too loose, it’ll not only look awkward, but it’ll be more likely to fluctuate around your arm and open to scratches and stretching the bracelet.

Your Rolex watch must be fitted to your wrist properly by extracting any additional links that tend to slide or try extending the watch’s bracelet so it will not be too tight to wear. If the eye is not appropriately fitted, you might look unprofessional and sloppy. Keep in mind, wear the watch above your wrist, not on top of your wrist. 

3. Guide To Wear A Rolex

In reality, there is no “wrong” way to wear a Rolex watch. The ideal way to wear one is depending on how you feel, and this will always vary depending on individual personal preferences and style. However, there are notes to keep when trying to match your outfit with a Rolex watch. 

If you’re planning to go to a gala, pick for yellow gold or white Rolex Cellini with a redefined or simple dial over the watch. A dive watch might not complement by wearing a suit, but why not choose a specific model developed from the ground up to slip under the sleeve of a casual dress shirt flawlessly.

You can always throw a two-tone-designed Rolex if you like dressing up simple but keen collar pants and shirts for a date night. For a Sunday night basketball party with some peers, a direct stainless steel sports Rolex watch for mens or even a colored bezel might do. Switching up the strap of the clock to go with the colors of your chosen sports team is not a concern as well.

What Does Wearing A Rolex Says About You?

A Rolex watch is broadly associated with wealth and success as it’s the world’s most notable watch brand. When you put on a Rolex watch, it appraises people that you’re willing to take risks and work hard for you to achieve success; your taste in fashion is impeccable and appreciates the beautiful things in life.

Rolex was established in 1905 and is the most prominent luxury manufacturer when it comes to production. They have maintained and developed a reputation that little brands can match. When you think of a Rolex watch, it’s always thought of as a symbol of success. It’s flattering that a person wearing one is a high achiever and not afraid to manifest it.


Watches are testimony pieces that speak to a person’s sense of personality and style. Through this guide, you may learn how to style your outfit with your Rolex watch. When choosing a look, always keep in mind, to always stay true to yourself, and everything else will follow.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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