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Traders Union experts Publish Trading View Review

TradingView is a social network and an analytical portal for traders that was launched in 2011. The web portal contains daily live quotes for more than 100,000 assets and technical tools for developing and testing your trading strategies.

Traders Union analysts and experts have studied all areas of the TradingView website and published the results of its analysis, which describes in detail each service of You can read it here: TradingView Review 2021.

Analysis of TradingView website

The website offers its content in more than 30 languages and has 13.6 million users. The site is chockful of more than 31 million charts and 5 million published trading strategies.

TradingView primarily functions as an analytical platform for beginners and experienced traders, but it also serves as a critical social network for traders. Based on this multifunctional platform, traders from all over the world can share acquired experience, publish trading ideas, communicate openly, unite in groups, and work together in the financial markets.

TradingView: Its pros and cons

The TradingView portal is one of the most popular financial and analytical resources for the Forex market. Below is a list of its advantages and disadvantages.

Pros Cons
More than 100 built-in technical indicators for developing your trading strategies  The demo version is active for only 30 days from the date of registration. After this period, you will need to purchase a paid subscription to use TradingView’s services
Has an artificial simulator for trading strategies that can be used either on a demo and a real trading account Some indicators may work incorrectly
100,000+ regularly updated quotes of trading assets
Scalable trading asset charts

TradingView services

TradingView is a unique simulator that allows you to develop and test trading strategies for various assets and instruments. Here you can find a record number of technical indicators and charting tools that are not usually available on any other site.

Also, you can use additional services that are designed to develop your trading strategies both on the TradingView platform and on the platforms of its partner brokers.

The main TradingView services for traders are:

  • Ideas. This section publishes trading ideas of different authors that are grouped into separate classes such as technical analysis, assets, and instruments. Here you can also subscribe to publications of an author you like.
  • Markets. This section presents several markets for trading instruments and assets. Here you can find reviews, ideas, and quotes for a specific asset of interest.
  • Scripts. This section contains more than 100,000 ready-made strategies, indicators, and scripts that can be used to work on Forex and stock markets.
  • Screeners. They are considered the most useful tools from TradingView. Using these tools, you can filter assets and determine the optimal levels of selling or buying an asset.

Additional services for traders:

  • Reporting calendar.
  • Strategy tester.

How to register on TradingView using the Traders Union link

Before starting to work on the TradingView portal, register on the Trading Union website and then select a broker. This will allow you to work on the trading account of a brokerage company and receive additional income daily or monthly in the form of a return on a part of the spread or commission for each completed transaction, regardless of its result.

To register with a broker through Traders Union, follow these instructions:

  1. Register an account on the Traders Union website.
  2. Select a broker and go to its website among the Traders Union ratings.
  3. Open a live trading account on the broker’s website.
  4. Add this account number in your personal account on the Traders Union website, in the “Accounts” section.

Benefits of working through Traders Union

Traders Union is the largest community of Forex traders worldwide. Traders Union has 300,000 trader-members and 200+ Forex brokers.

Traders Union members receive additional income for each completed transaction in the form of a rebate based on a percentage of the broker’s commission on the spread. Also, you will get legal assistance in case of disputes with a brokerage company. All Traders Union services are completely free of charge for its members.

Traders Union — Data by the numbers
Payout to its clients to date $10 million
Rebate size 80-100% of the spread
Number of users More than 300 thousand
Number of Forex brokers More than 200 companies
Legal assistance $0 (free of charge)


Reviews by experts that are published on the Traders Union website allow you to thoroughly explore several Forex portals, brokers, or information projects in one place, without spending time collecting the information yourself or analyzing the data on your own.

The examination of uncovered detailed information about its portal and its main goals. It allows you to study each service of its website and review the functionality, capabilities, and tools offered for your use.

Here you will receive a comprehensive analysis of important information about TradingView as a financial and analytical center and its formidable social network for traders. You can also learn how to use all the Forex tools and services on the website.

Join the Traders Union and get the most up-to-date information about financial markets and their participants from a single reputable source!

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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