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Traditional designs with new twists for a better home

When you envisage your home, you see it in a particular frame, modern, traditional, transitional, or something else. You can feel the existing house has everything, but it needs a touchup to become more attractive for your taste. No matter what, you can aim to revive its aura in a specific manner. For example, your modern home can have many traditional design elements, which you admire and don’t want to remove. In that case, here are some suggestions that can come in handy. Let’s dig into them and see how effective they prove for your home decoration.

Traditional trimmings in the living area

Imagine your library or study room. How do you desire to carve it? You may wish it contains traditional touches amidst modern comforts. Well, juxtaposing old and latest design elements tends to be always exciting. You can retain the wood panel and ceiling medallion for its charming antique feel while infusing a touch of modernity through a stylish chandelier. Your tightly upholstered sofa set can have grey and blue layers to elevate the entire vibe. However, if you think it looks more traditional than you desire, you can place wing chairs or leather ottomans.

You can energize the overall look by popping pink color through pillows. It will instantly add a dose of fun into this space. If you believe it can be stuffy, you can cover your windows with sheer materials. It will impart a sense of ease to the area.

A traditional wave in the kitchen

In this theme, sink styles inspired by a farm design can be perfect. But that is just one thing. New traditional is all about mixing different metals. So, you can pair your farmhouse sink with a faucet with a conventional appearance to tune in to the desired vibe. With this, you can choose stainless steel appliances, subdued golden hardware, etc. If your kitchen has a pantry, it can be fabulous. It can act as a hidden place where you can work in silence when guests come over to your house for a party. As for the bar area, you can include a storage unit below and barware on the top locked behind glass doors.

Another area in the kitchen can be a backsplash. It doesn’t have to be the tile look anymore. You can choose a polished brass design for it to rise above the ordinary charm.

According to interior designers, classic kitchens tend to be an all-time favorite. People want this place to have some warm earthy tones, such as beige. Many furniture items also come in this color for the same reason. They say that you can add faded and sun-washed looks to your space if you think about resale value. It can be a beneficial addition to start your journey with at the time of redecoration. Against such soothing backdrops, you can always get away with some wood or metal touches for a bolder hint. If you wonder what you should choose, think about all the wrought-iron and black hardware materials. 

Introducing wood or metal in the kitchen is easy. Your floating shelves, for example, can be the best spot for them. Like this, you can make many more choices to give this section of your home a traditional and modern vibe.

An updated bookcase

Designing is all about adding traditional elements to the new and vice versa. When it comes to a bookcase, the easiest thing you can do is cover the wall behind it with wallpaper. It looks traditional as many old homes used to indulge in this. When you get bored, you can replace it with a new print to revamp the look. Similarly, you can work a bit on the doors and shelves. You can add thickness to shelves to make them look a little modern.

Architectural details

Woodwork with face frame and inset door designs can be the anchor in any traditional home. You can add a modern twist to them in numerous ways. For example, you can look at the stile and rail details of the doors. Usually, they tend to be 2¼ inches. You can increase their size to three inches for a noticeable impact. Besides, face-frame designs can be narrow to incorporate a sleeker look. If you wish to mix modern and traditional, try adding paint-grade and stain-grade together. A stained face-frame cabinet with a paint-grade door can look excellent. You can remove panels or replace raised panels with flat designs to give your cabinets a more modern sensibility.

Lighting options

Chandelier lights make one of the most traditional choices, and you will, too, agree on this. But it can also adopt a modern look undergoing some transformations. For example, you can imagine one with clay beads. Fired in a kiln and weaved into a wrought-iron body, the chandelier can be a visual treat, no matter what corner it adorns. If you get it customized, you can expect even better interior results with bespoke colors and patterns.


When you talk of a modern and traditional theme, you cannot miss this element for sure. If you go through the new conventional versions, they are all about distressed and tired looks. Hence, you can get a Persian rug in blue and red colors, but it shouldn’t be too bright.

Like this, you can explore all the choices and designs to understand what you can do and how. A traditional and modern theme in the house makes more sense also. While conventional techniques are all about depth and warmth, modern lines evoke a sense of ease and relaxation. In this modern era, you need to balance two worlds to enjoy the real essence of fun and peace. Even if you don’t have much idea about these elements, you can discuss them with your professional designer to create things as per your taste.

With experience and expertise, they can always suggest you the right solution. It is just that you need to decide where you want to lean on the traditional or modern side, or there has to be a perfect balance between these two.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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