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What Is the Best Way to Secure and Finance Your Funeral?

Whilst funeral prices are consistently increasing every year, a funeral plan can lock in the price of the Funeral Director’s services and ensure that your funeral wishes are documented. This means that when the time comes, your loved ones are spared from the financial burden and emotional stress of planning a funeral.

Funerals are a topic of conversation that people often shy away from, but it is an inevitability for us all. The cost of a basic funeral is now at £4184 according to the Sunlife (2021) Cost of Dying report, which is a large expenditure which not many think to budget for. Often the financial burden therefore lies with their loved ones at a time when they can be not only mentally and emotionally drained, but unprepared for this expense.

So how can you plan your own funeral?

It is important before planning your funeral that you consider what type of service (or not) you would like. There is of course the traditional funeral service with emphasis on religion, mourners dressed in black and hymns played, but more people are deviating away from the traditions and favoring alternative ceremonies. Celebration of life services are becoming increasingly popular, which can see people dressed in bright colours with an emphasis on the positive impact that someone’s life had. There are many questions to consider when planning your own funeral such as would you like to be buried or cremated? Would you like to include any money as an allowance towards the wake, extra flowers or a specific coffin? Have you given thought to any music that you would like to be played, that would resonate with your loved ones? Therefore to ensure that your funeral is exactly how you would like it is vital to begin these discussions now, so that your loved ones can rest assured that your funeral will be carried out exactly how you would have wanted. 

With the costs of funerals being considerably higher than what a lot of people anticipate,

setting a budget can ensure that you know exactly what you can afford. A pre-paid funeral plan can mean that you can lock-in the price of the services included in the plan and avoid the rising costs, whilst also ensuring that your wishes will be documented and carried out. When the time comes all that it takes is a phone call from the next of kin to the funeral plan provider and they will take it from there. This relieves a lot of stress from loved ones, giving them the time to grieve properly and focus on adding more personal touches to the funeral such as writing a eulogy.

There are many different types of plans on the market, which can also be tailored to ensure that all of your requirements and wishes are met, with some allowing for additional extras such as a motorcycle hearse or a decorative coffin. Funeral plans also allow flexibility with their payment options, many can be paid in full or broken down into monthly instalments which suit your budget.

Taking the next step

By just reading this article you have taken the first step to considering what you can do to make the necessary arrangements for your funeral. From here you can go online and do some more research so that you know what is available and what you can afford. Most funeral planning companies have experienced Funeral Planners who can further help you find the right funeral for both your wishes and budget. Getting your affairs in order gives great peace of mind to you as well as the benefit of not leaving the burden to your loved ones.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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