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10 Cost-Cutting Car Rental Tips For Your Next Vacation

It would be best if you planned for your vacation in advance to ensure you get to your destination with the least hassle and expenses. You may have to rent a car to get around as you enjoy the sights and sounds of your vacation destination. Therefore, below are ten things to keep in mind when planning for the car rental during your trip. Van leasing is a popular way method of renting a van while paying a set monthly fee

1. Choose The Car

The size of the group you are traveling with will influence the vehicle size to get. A family of seven can consider getting a minivan or SUV with enough seats for all the passengers and luggage space. On the other hand, a group of friends or two couples on a fun romantic getaway can do with an economy car that will see them save on gas and rental costs.

2. Shop Around

Shop around before you settle for a specific rental. Check out travel websites or car rental sites to compare prices. You also can schedule a visit to the rental company when you arrive at your destination to assess the cars they have on offer. You could land discounted rates when you find some companies that are offering coupons or promos. For instance, you may get a 50% off the price if you pay for a rental for three days or on the weekend.

3. Search Online For Amazing Deals

You can do a quick online search for coupon codes with the rental company’s name when you are booking a car from them online. You never know if they have coupons and the much this can save you.

4. Check With Organizations

You can check your credit company, insurance providers, or employers to see if they have car rentals and any discounts. Sometimes, the best car rental offer are never far from home, lurking right under your nose.

The size of the group you are traveling with will influence the vehicle size to get. A family of seven or more can consider getting a luxury van or SUV from Van Rentals Los Angeles. On the other hand, a group of friends or two couples on a fun romantic getaway can do with an economy car that will see them save on gas and rental costs.

5. Compare Discount Auto Rentals Rates

You may find the car rental rates from the various providers seem the same. That might be because these businesses trach each other’s pricing to ensure they stay competitive. Therefore, comparing their rates will help you find the best offers.

The quickest and straightforward means of doing this is to visit the online booking site and search for your city, marking your travel dates, stay duration, and the vehicle size and type to know if the rental company has what you need and at the cheapest rate. For instance, you can use Travelocity to search for competitive car rental rates in top vacation destinations.

If you find the offers reasonable and are not required to give your credit card details, book the vehicle. Visit the rental company’s website to find out if you can get a better or cheaper rental or a lower price on the same car if you use their coupon or discount code.

6. Avoid Rentals Provided At Airports

Try not to book a rental vehicle through an airport office. Most often than not, rentals from the airport desks tend are accompanied by additional fees and terms. Most hotels have shuttles to ferry their guests from the airport to the hotel. Therefore, consider taking the shuttle and then organize yourself to get the rental car after you have settled in and are ready to be out and about in your vacation destination.

7. Rent For Longer

Most car rental providers will offer better rates or deals if you book a vehicle for a more extended period. Some companies have a weekly rate; therefore, find out when the week starts and ends so that you can plan your rental period accordingly and take advantage of any discounts.

8. Insurance Or No Insurance?

Some places require car rentals to have insurance, and this is optional in other destinations.  Find out if you need to pay for this before paying. Auto insurance companies will cover rentals which means you do not need to purchase short-term insurance from the car rental company. If you have to pay, you might need to use your credit card. Therefore, check with your credit card provider and the insurance company to know the policy costs and covers to determine if it is worth purchasing. If it isn’t included ensure that you take out car hire excess insurance.

9. Check The Gas Tank Level

When returning the vehicle, ensure the gas tank reading is the same as when you got the car lest you are charged extra for the rental agency to fill the tank to their standard level.

10. Return The Car On Time

You should know when you are to arrive and leave, meaning you will have a timeline in place. It will guide you on how long you need the rental car, helping avoid being charged extra when returning the vehicle late or early.

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