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4 Features of MLP 50 Thermal Printer

Businesses worldwide rely on printers daily to print all kinds of documents, including contracts, receipts, asset management labels, and more.

But it’s essential that every business understands the value of the right printer as there are several printers available in the market depending on the specific needs of the user. However, the MLP 50 thermal printer is the best choice if you want to quickly and easily print barcode labels or high-quality photos.

Thermal printers can print both black and additional color by applying heat at two different temperatures. It’s a very different method with a list of different features.

However, in the article, we have listed four features of the MLP 50 thermal printer through which you can learn more about this printer. Let us dive deeper and find out more about its features in this post. 

Save Space

If you have a small working area, the MLP50 thermal printer is the perfect choice for you! It has a sturdy design with a compact size that fits into any office without covering large amounts of space. 

Hence, it is a lightweight machine that prints barcode labels at high speed and saves counter space. It is especially useful for retail counters that are small enough to accommodate a computer system for billing. Store owners can place the printer on the billing counter itself as it requires very little space. 

If you are thinking of buying this reliable device for your business, go for it as they come in various models and sizes and are easily adjustable in every area.

To use it, you just need to connect it with your optional USB, Ethernet or Bluetooth, load it with printing paper, and it is ready to print the data on the papers. The user interface is available in different languages ​​, and its alerts feature keeps you working without any break/pause.

High speed and Low Noise 

The MLP50 thermal printer is one of the high-quality fineness printers that offer a multitude of printing possibilities to eliminate transcript errors, speed up your work process and ensure traceability.

The thermal printer uses state-of-the-art technology, making it vibration-free and exceptionally quiet. In addition, they are extremely fast, with a print speed of up to 100mm per second, which speeds up your work process.

However, it easily switches between papers and tends to label continuously without any interruptions. Users simply plug in the system with their device and start printing.

Long-life printing head and high reliability. 

If you store thermal printers under proper conditions, the non-adhesive fade proof paper will last up to 10 – 20 years which is long as compared to other printing paper. Thermal printing does not use ink or toner like many other printing forms. 

But they largely depend on thermal papers, which are phenol-free and unaffected to oil, water, and plasticizers for generating the images. And because there are only a few moving parts, a thermal printer requires minimal maintenance and consistent operation.

However, if you are looking for a more reliable and faster way to print paper, the MLP50 thermal printer is a must.


It most cost-effective printer as they require no ribbons, cartridges, or other supplies. Paper alone is the only refillable supply required to keep the printer running. Due to the only requirement of paper, the cost of operating a thermal printer is very less as compared to standard printers available in the market. As there are very few parts in the MLP 50 thermal printer, it requires low maintenance and rarely requires professional assistance, which means low cost of maintenance. However, there are different types of thermal printers available in the market. Just do the research and find out the right model for your business or personal needs.

Some Disadvantages of MLP50 thermal printer

Every device has some disadvantages, and MLP 50 printers are no exception. These printers are not much efficient when you use them with ink. As they rely on heat for their operation, if they become too hot, they will release more ink on the paper that can affect the quality of print. 

The prints may develop smudge due to the heat from the person’s fingers which is holding the print in his/her hand. Another disadvantage of these printers is that they are usually available in monochrome models. The ink used in them is carbon pigmented that does not do well with colors. 

Closing Words

Today, MLP50 thermal printers are gaining popularity, and many businesses, including retail and grocery shops, banking sectors, healthcare, education, and, may more be using it due to its low cost, printing speed, print quality, graphic capabilities, and mobility.

If you are planning to purchase a thermal printer, make sure you first determine which feature or benefits you want in the machine, including Do you need fast printouts? Are you more concerned about barcode quality? Do you want a wireless or wi-fi connectivity device? However, not all systems are the same, so think twice!

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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