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5 Best Websites for Hiring Engineers

As the commonly used software becomes more complex, it also becomes much more difficult to create and maintain it. In this regard, new specializations of IT professionals, such as DevOps engineers, software engineers, frontend/backend engineers, PHP engineers are being actively implemented. Buthow to hire dedicated engineers or the whole team? Freelance engineering marketplaces are created to cope with this task. Let’s familiarize ourselves with the best representatives of this category.


FlexJobs has over 50 remote job categories ranging from freelance jobs by section:

●      architectural planning;

●      architectural and constructive;

●      architectural and construction solutions;

●      software development;

●      design solutions, etc.

What is the advantage of acceptance and delivery of works? FlexJobs validates its work before publishing, so you don’t have to look for a competitive advantage over the advanced price tag of engineers from India. The main thing is to get the rating.

Moreover, this site is useful not only for freelancers but also for those who are looking for full-fledged remote employment. Offers can be sorted by job type. You don’t have to worry about scammers: all vacancies on FlexJobs are carefully screened. However, you will have to pay for constant access to them.


One of the best international engineering marketplaces that propose both qualified teams of workers and interesting projects is Engre.co. Here you can find the best specialists who can cope with any complicated task.

On the engineering marketplace, you can find specialists such as a designer, mechanical engineer, civil engineer, and developer. Marketplaces work in different ways.

At Engre.co you can find specialists in two ways. The first one is to look through the list of provided services and choose the most appropriate one. Then you write to a contractor and discuss all the details of your project. The other way is to publish your project on the platform mentioning all the details. Then you will find your best candidate among all responses.


Freelancehunt is a service specifically for freelancers, where the entire interaction algorithm from job search to delivery and payment is regulated: customers place offers, applicants respond to projects, after choosing a contractor, funds on the account are reserved, after the work is completed, they are credited to the account.

There are many useful tools functioning: a feedback system about all exchange participants, a forum, private messages, ratings, contests, etc. Among the clients are such companies as Netology, Brain, Terrasoft, Villa Krim, etc. There are a lot of categories including programming, design, engineering, advertising, administration, mobile applications, copywriting, etc.

The budgets are relatively small, the principle of operation is simple, so this marketplace will be a good choice for a beginner gaining experience, building a customer base.


It is the most competitive platform and promises to hire 3% of the best freelancers from around the world. Freelancers must pass a screening test, and once you pass it, it will ensure the best projects from great clients.

According to Toptal, it is more likely not outsourcing, but outstaffing: companies take a person and introduce them to the team on the other side, most of all it looks like a full-time remote. You are given a project, and you do it.

The specialist gets to the platform and finds a lot of published projects. But it is necessary to contact not with a specific customer, but with the “matcher” ⏤ the person who leads the project, and negotiates with the customer about the working conditions. When you come to the platform, managers ask about the rate. You indicate the rate per hour, they agree, or they may say that it is slightly inconsistent with the salary in the region. If everything is okay, they will pay this amount, the platform gets something else, and makes money on the difference.

Toptal has three options: hourly wages, part-time ⏤ 20 hours a week, or full-time ⏤ 40 hours. In theory, you can ask to increase the load to 60 hours if you can handle it,

The terms of projects are different: there are both for a week and several years. Even if the deadline is 4-8 weeks, customers may like working with a specialist so much that they often do not want to let him go. So people stay for 1–3 years, and if they don’t want to, they return for the hour or change the customer. A specialist can be bought from the platform, but this rarely happens, because it is very expensive.


Upwork.com is one of the best modern freelance marketplaces, gradually absorbing smaller and younger services. You can not only view vacancies but also send CVs to interested companies, among which you can find well-known corporations (Microsoft, Bissel, Airbnb, Coty, etc.). There are a lot of sections ⏤ work for designers, programmers, engineers, architects, analysts, salespeople, etc.

The advantage of the site is a clearly defined payment algorithm: either in stages with a fixed amount, or by hours per week. The marketplace takes a certain commission for services, but the higher the payment is, the lower the commission is. In the future, you can leave the service and work directly with the customer/company.

Remotebase hires exceptionally talented global developers beforehand and provides them with exceptional mentorship so that you can have a fully workable team within 24 hours. Be it resume shortlisting, screening, technical and non-technical interviews, coding tests, and hiring, they take all the hassle of selecting the best engineers for you.

Sam Allcock
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