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A-Z of Turkish Clothing for Retailers

With its fashion-oriented and quality products, the turkish clothing industry has gained a lot of popularity in the global market. With the emerging fashion trends, Turkish clothing styles have also evolved. A unique touch of tradition and western fusion makes these clothes one of a kind. To blend in with the Turkish heritage easily here is everything you need to know about Turkish clothing.

Baggy Turkish Salvaars

Traditional clothing is the biggest part of Turkish culture. When talking about the famous cultural dresses of Turkey, baggy Turkish Salvaars always come first. These are baggy trousers gathered in tightly at the ankles worn with an upper garment. In the past, both women and men wore these trousers varying in colors and degrees of bagginess. Nowadays these Salvaars are mostly known as Harem pants/trousers. Most stores with women’s clothes made in turkey do have these ethnic yet stylish trousers. A major plus point of these traditional and stylish Turkish trousers is that they can be paired up with classy pretty tops. So what can be more beneficial for retailers like you to attract more customers. It is now time to use the increasing interest of women in Turkish clothes in your favor.

Elegant Maxi Dress

Turkish women have always been a fan of long dresses which defined their elegance. If you observe closely, you will find out that Turkish women used to wear long skirts and embellished maxis even in the early eras. The reason behind this is very simple. This kind of attire not only brings comfort but also looks very stylish and classy. Adding to that it is also a perfect fit for almost all seasons and events. Whether it be a cool summer gathering or a warm winter evening, this maxi dress goes with every occasion. Your collection of wholesale clothing made in turkey will swing perfectly with its addition. Don’t believe me? Go find it out yourself and be amazed.

Sleek lacy Shirts

Unlike the past times, your days of worrying endlessly are over now. How? Well because I have brought another spicy Turkish clothing item for you that will do wonders for you. When stocking up your fashion store with Turkish clothes, the sleek and ultra-stylish lace clothes are a must-have. Want to know why? The key to it is easy as a pie. These modish, fun, and sexy shirts with the artistry of laces bring an element of excitement to the table. Every leading turkish dresses suppliers in uk has at least one similar clothing category. This simply means that you need to buckle up your seat belt now. Buy these trendy shirts as soon as possible to give a quick boost to your sales.

Embellished Leather Belts

Do you know that trend of wearing embellished belts comes from Turkish traditions? Yes, it is completely true! During the old empires, Turkish Sultans loved to wear these belts over their fancy coats. Nowadays the embellished belts have made their way even in modern fashion. Women style their dresses and tops with these chic belts to spice up their clothing. You can witness its popularity in various fashion shows and magazines as well. Several womens made in turkey clothing supplier uk also have a vast variety of these embellished belts. So get rid of your regular wholesale supplier to get your hands on this classy yet unique style. Hurry up to enjoy the increasing sales of your fashion clothing store now.

Traditional Scarves

Scarves have always been a favorite clothing accessory of Turkish women. In the past times, women used to wear these headscarves with long skirts and coats. These days it has emerged rather more stylishly. Women pair up these dresses with sleek scarves in all seasons. A warm woolen scarf is worn in winters and a light cotton scarf is preferred in summers. In addition to that these scarves are also designed in several patterns and prints. Fascinating isn’t it? I know right! So what are you waiting for? Don’t hold yourself back. Just go and stock up your store with these scarves to gain more profit.

Beautiful Embroidered Shirts

Who doesn’t like a classy touch to their clothing style? Everyone loves an element of uniqueness and elegance in their apparel. To satisfy that craving beautiful embroidered shirts can be the one. You must be interested to find out what’s so special about it. Well, fasten up your belts because I’m about to disclose it. The extraordinary aspect of these shirts is their classy and chic style. These embroidered shirts can be worn at formal meetings as well as at informal parties. This gives a chance to your customers to pull in their fashionable clothes on multiple occasions. These cheap turkish clothes uk are stylish yet unique in their own way. What you have to do is to buy these affordable and trendy shirts today to attract more customers.

Modern Turkish Fashion

With the arrival of western culture, Turkish fashion has also tended to blend in a more western manner. You can observe how most Turkish women wear western clothes like pants, shirts, dresses, etc. Whether it is about dapper printed shirts or modish dresses, you can find it all in the Turkish fashion industry. The fun fact is that many made in italy clothing brand wholesale also provide these clothes. This makes it easy for you to make a choice for your fashion clothing store. So rush fast to break the ice and allure more customers to your store.

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Sam Allcock
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