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Advantages of a part-time MBA in Singapore

Obtaining an MBA helps graduates to adjust to the fiercely competitive Singapore market and get better employment chances in leading companies. Those who are enthusiastic about a MBA, yet are busy with work can opt for a part-time course that can provide them with some great benefits. Read on to know why taking a part-time Business and Administration masters programme is worth giving a try.

1. Work and study balance

Choosing an on-campus course requiring daily attendance comes with some painful limitations, such as being jobless or working part-time. Even if you get a part-time job besides the studies, it may be not enough to cover your expenses. Unfortunately, a full-time study programme impedes you from getting employed on a full time basis and getting a high salary. A part-time MBA course offers a more flexible schedule, allowing you to perfectly combine academic and professional lives. The part-time MBA takes a couple of months more than the full attendance one, yet it allows you to earn a decent living and be financially independent.

2. Convenient practical skill application

Another nice thing about following a part-time MBA in Singapore is the possibility to put the acquired knowledge into practice fast and conveniently. You get the chance to implement the knowledge at your full-time workplace, which will serve you as a lab where you can improve and polish your fresh practical skills. Moreover, having such a lab will help you avoid forgetting the theoretical material, which happens often when it is too large and complex. While the university provides good research and practical opportunities, implementing your skills directly in a real life job is a priceless experience.

3. Less stress

While a full-time MBA allows one to gain a large amount of knowledge in a short period of time, it is often accompanied by stress and anxiety. This option suits you if you are stress-resistant and absorb knowledge fast. However, there are graduates that may find it hard to handle big chunks of information, falling easy prey to stress. They are definitely better off to go for a part-time course. Being extended in terms of time, the course allows students to assimilate and process the acquired knowledge in detail until they reach full comprehension. After all, when the knowledge is coming like an avalanche, you may find it hard to handle it. It’s much easier when the information flows slowly being provided at longer and convenient intervals.

4. Earn employer’s respect

Employees who are working and taking a postgraduate degree at the same time score much respect in the eyes of their employers. While some of you may think that a studying worker may get the employer angry, it goes the opposite way. The employer will appreciate the determination and effort to combine the job and a MBA. Motivated and hard-working employees are valuable for their superiors, as they associate it with productivity, efficiency and company growth. That’s why, aside from being appreciated, you have a good chance to be promoted to a more prestigious position after completing the MBA programme. Not to mention the advanced business skills you gain during the course that makes you a desired employee for many companies.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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