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All the Best Features of YouTube Vanced Explained in Detail

YouTube Vanced is an excellent modded version of the regular YouTube app. YouTube is the best way to get entertainment daily. It is the second most popular website on the planet. More than 300 hours of videos are added on YouTube every minute. YouTube is just great. While YouTube is one of the most popular websites and apps on the planet, it has some flaws. 

Flaws of YouTube 

There are many problems with the YouTube App. Even though the content and use of YouTube are unique, the app can sometimes leave a lot to be desired. One of the most significant issues users have with the YouTube app is that it doesn’t allow you to play videos in the background. You cannot play any video while your phone is locked or while using any other app. 

YouTube App also has a lot of advertisements. These advertisements are found at the start, middle, and end of many videos and between video cards on the home page. While many people are okay with ads in videos that can support their favourite YouTuber, the home page ads just make the experience worse. 

That’s whyYouTube Vanced was developed. 

Best Features of YouTube Vanced 

YouTube Vances is a modded version of the YouTube app. It changes many things so that many of the standard app flaws are no longer there. It presents a much better user experience than the regular YouTube app. It is famous in the android community as people can use it on android devices. For using it on PC, you’ll have to run it through an apk emulator. 

YouTube Vanced has a lot of great features. These features are what make the mod better. 

  • Background Playback 

With YouTube Vanced, you can play any video while using any other app. You can even play videos while your phone is locked. This background playback feature is one of the best things about YouTube Vanced. 

  • Adblock 

YouTube Vanced comes with an inbuilt ad blocker. This means that you need to add additional apps just to remove all the unnecessary ads in YouTube. Not only does it remove the ads from videos, but it also removes the extra annoying ads on the homepage. 

But if you still want to support a channel by watching the ads on their videos, you can do so. You can customize the settings of the adblocker at any time while using YouTube Vanced. 

  • HDR Playback 

Many phone devices are locked from running YouTube in HDR mode. YouTube Vanced can force your device to run the HDR mode videos if your phone has an HDR-enabled display. This dramatically increases the quality of the videos that you are watching through the app. 

  • Picture in Picture Video 

With YouTube Vanced, you can minimize a video that you are watching while you browse through the rest of YouTube. This picture-in-picture feature allows you to even change the style of the minimized window to your liking. 


YouTube Vanced has many other advanced and great features, but the ones listed above are the best features it offers. 

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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