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Are Bitcoin cryptocurrency and block chain DataBase the same?


For all the users and the investors of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency along with the people who are interested in this digital currency it is very significant to know about the true facts related to the Bitcoin cryptocurrency and to differentiate between the myths and the facts that are related to the Bitcoins. 

Bitcoin cryptocurrency is a magnificent neophyte that has gained a massive amount of popularity in a very small period of time.


As we all know that Bitcoin cryptocurrency is the most common buss word of the last 10 years that is why a lot of people are writing a lot of literature on this topic.  For a person who is new to Bitcoin cryptocurrency it is very important to know about the actual facts related to the digital currency. The main purpose of this paper is to clear out all the common myths related with the Bitcoin digital currency so that the fog of the mind of the newbies  can be removed efficiently. 

A myth is a statement that has no scientific or statistical existence. Myths are made facts when they are combined with reality based knowledge. All the misconceptions related with the Bitcoin digital currency cannot be said to be 100% false because they have somewhat reality behind them. However people have exaggerated some major points related with the Bitcoin cryptocurrency and here we are going to explain some top misconceptions that are very common among the people who are using Bitcoin cryptocurrency or are interested in using any kind of digital currency. Let’s check out these points and see what you already know and what’s new.

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Block chain is similar to bitcoin

Both these terms blockchain and Bitcoin are used simultaneously in nearly every place that is why people consider blockchain and Bitcoin as the same thing. however the reality is a bit different Bitcoin is a type of digital currency that is actually a computer file and that can be transferred between two users with end to end encryption while on the other hand blocked in database is a a type of platform where the transaction details of the Bitcoin digital currency are stored so that general public can review them whenever wanted. as Bitcoin is a computer file , blockchain network is a combination of blocks and chains that are linked together to form this astonishing blockchain database.

You can say that Bitcoin is an element and all of its properties are saved in a projected table that is known by the name of the blockchain database. Whenever a transaction is made at the platform of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, details of this transaction are entered in the blockchain network excluding the address of the user for the purpose of privacy. blocks and database is executed and structured by minors and they are responsible for entering all the transactions occurring at Bitcoin cryptocurrency network.

Working of both

You should always keep in mind that these terms are not interchangeable and are not synonyms to each other. Both these terms are entirely different from one another and are used for entirely different purposes.

The only thing that you next Bitcoin with blocked in database is that Bitcoins are the digital currencies which are used to perform transactions throughout the world while blocked in database is a platform where all these transactions are registered and saved.

To understand the concept of Bitcoin blockchain database you can consider Bitcoins as local money and blockchain database has a register where all the details and other important things about the transfer of this money is entered regularly. all the register and money earned to each other but you cannot say that these are the same thing because both of them have different purposes and are used for different objectives.

People do not know no such thing about Bitcoin or its blockchain database that is why they often assume that Bitcoin is the same as a blockchain database and these two terms are synonymous to each other.

Most important difference

another major difference between the blockchain and Bitcoin cryptocurrency is that Bitcoin is is very decentralized and independent in nature and no one can control the execution and functioning of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency while on other hand the blockchain network is not decentralized in nature and has proper controls. Minors are responsible for controlling and making changes in the blockchain network work. Anyone around the world can use the platform of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency according to their own will while for blocks in databases this is not true. Not everyone can use a blockchain database because of a number of reasons.


The main purpose of this paper was to reveal the difference between the Bitcoin cryptocurrency and the blockchain network. both these terms are related to each other but are not interchangeable. 

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