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Design Points to Keep in Mind While Customizing Yard Signs

Yard signs are effective in promoting political ideas and candidates, advertising business brands and products, and celebrating special events like graduations, birthdays, and even welcome-home parties. Yard signs come in diverse designs and can be custom-tailored as per your unique specifications. 

According to Fresh Books, small businesses aspiring to boost their client base and increase overall earnings may focus their attention on advertising for building brand awareness and broadening their audience. It is a good idea to choose yard signs to promote a brand new product or service. Building an effective yard sign is all about implementing the right strategies. Yard signs are powerful and versatile advertising tools that may be used as real estate signs, campaign yard signs, garage sale signs, and birth announcements, etc. Let us discuss a few expert design tips to consider while creating your customized yard signs.

Rely on a Clear & Compact Message

Remember that people will be driving past your signs. They can hardly get a glimpse of your yard signs. So they need to read the message while breezing past the signs. Hence, messages need to be short and precise. They should be restricted to two lines at the most. Drivers won’t be able to read the entire message if it is too long. If you fail to communicate your brand message within five words, it is a good idea to opt for a different layout or message.

Remember to Incorporate a CTA

You are creating custom yard signs for your audience to respond and swing into action. You must tell them precisely what they may do after reading it. For instance, you may want people to visit your website or call your organization for more information. Hence, every message must have a clear call to action.

Ensure that Your Yard Signs Are Legible

Even though it is a pretty obvious point, it could be overlooked or undermine the overall design process. You need to understand that 9 inch high letters may be very small for moving traffic zipping past at 35mph. It is best to use bold and big lettering for grabbing instant attention. Remember that potential customers hardly get a few fleeting seconds for acknowledging, reading, and processing your brand message. It is a wise idea to incorporate bold legible fonts for standing out. Experts recommend Helvetica as the best font for your yard signs. Keep in mind that character spacing is of pivotal importance. Avoid using too many colors as they may clash. Moreover, choose dark lettering with a light-colored background for maximum visibility.

Consider Incorporating Arrows

Remember that arrows could prove to be quite beneficial for your message. If you are promoting a business that is close by, you may consider including arrows for giving the right direction to the drivers. Since drivers are pretty used to coming across arrows while driving on the road, it will be easier for them to spot them and find their right location instead of reading and registering a complex address.


Yard signs are the most effective and affordable advertising tools for promoting your brand or business. Keep in mind that you may have to customize the shape or size for marketing your specific product effectively. 

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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