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Earning money through online entertainment: myths and reality

Today I will tell the truth about such a source of income as earnings at online casinos. If you read with the hope of finding a working scheme to win or a method to cheat the gambling house, you will not find it here. And in general, such a source does not exist – this is the main myth.

But first things first.

I’m an avid gambler myself, so a lot of information of what is written here is from personal experience

Myth One. There are working schemes of beating the online casino for real money

The reality: there are no such schemes. The whole modern Internet is replete with sites and YouTube channels with casino ads (not direct ads, but built-in and masked under the hood of REAL experience). Usually, such YouTube channels have videos with the loud title “the new working scheme of beating online casino for real money“, “I won 1000 dollars per hour” and the like. And in such a video they really raise the money.

Where do the legs grow out of this advertising? And how does this scheme work?

There are affiliate programs from online casinos. In them, for the user’s deposit, the partner receives a certain amount of money (the percentage from each deposit made from the link of the partner).

Example: An average Joe has a small YouTube channel. He is eager to earn and connect an affiliate casino program with a payment of 30% of the deposit from each attracted player. From the casino, he also receives promotional materials (videos, where there is a stream of winnings), or unlimited balance for the live-streaming. At the streams, Joe will say that he only plays with his own hard-earned money.

Joe posts a video, using the materials given to him, titled: “how I won $500 in half an hour” or a slices of bonus spins with big winnings, and provides a link to the house of games under the video.

Naive subscribers of the Joe’s channel, in the thirst for free winnings, register and fund their balance in amount of 1000 dollars, Joe gets 30% of that money, that is 300 dollars.

Myth number two. Beginners are lucky and they win more often.

Reality: both new players and old win about the same. But the newcomers usually pay more attention to their first winnings and show others their earnings in the online casino or live casino games online, while the experienced players know the simple truth: the gambling house is always in the black.

Myth three: It is impossible to win a lot at the casino

Reality: You can, but the chance is minimal. Sometimes people are very lucky and the winning combinations in the slot machines or the live roulette numbers add up, and the big win follows.

Usually, it occurs more often for those players who have lost large sums previously.

Myth number four: the casino is a terrible monster, ripping off each player

Reality: in a gambling house you keep money exactly as much as you want, the minimum bet on one-armed bandits; sometimes starts from 10 cents per spin of the reel. That is, for 100 dollars you can make 1000 spins, playing for a few hours and you won’t lose even half of the sum. It is up to you how much to bet and how often to deposit.

Myth number five: The Casino will not give me my winnings

The reality: Yes, that’s possible, but the name of the casino and the amount of winnings will play an important role here.

There are a huge number of scammers around, ready to kill for a penny, such services will not allow you to withdraw even 10 dollars. Larger and more reputable projects pay winnings, unless of course your earnings in the online casino have reached a couple of million dollars. It is important to remember that due to the legislation, many will ask you for a scan of your passport or your picture with it – this is quite normal.

Conclusion: if you go to online casinos in order to make money, you have already lost. People go there for the excitement and drive, planning in advance their budget, and treat winnings as pleasant surprises.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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