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How eSports organizations make money?

The E-sports industry is well known for its show and organizing gaming events that include the online titles and some of the offline ones. Think of eSports as a football match where players, instead of running after a football, are sitting behind a computer screen running their fingers and mind to focus on the game, but the audience is pretty much the same surrounding the players as in both eSports and football. This is the basic structure of the eSports organizations in its entirety; there are multiple teams out there that are being represented by more than one organization targeting different gaming titles One of the most popular one is FIFA, if you’re interested in trying it out yourself, you can purchase a FIFA 21 key and get your gameplay started.. The basic node using which eSports organizations make money are sponsorships, advertising, ticket sales, and merchandising. Here is a brief explanation of all of this in its entirety;

Sponsorships and advertisement

Organizations such as Cloud9 and Team liquid enjoy tons of sponsorship and have signed with various organizations to run a live advertisement for them in terms of flashing the attire that carries their logo. Deals are signed with sponsors to fund the teams and make sure that their operations go on. This includes covering not only the merchandising and digital equipment as well whatever they might require.

Some of the honorable sponsors for the e-sports industry are Red Bull, BMW, and AT&T, along with Microsoft. Sponsors use the attires and jerseys of the players to showcase their logo and hence earning support from the audience. Apart from all that, streamers also mention the name of different sponsors while making videos and, in turn, receive some settlement from the sponsors. The video content can both be on-site or streamed, and mentioning a dedicated sponsor will help them earn money.

Ticket sales

Like selling the tickets to a football game or a movie earning money in a cinema, the eSports organizations make money by selling the individual tickets of their team who will showcase its talent in an upcoming eSports competition or event. It could be a Valorant match between two teams or a Fortnite competition. Talking about the live tournaments and such, you can expect a volume of about 10-15 thousand people at the same time, and all of them enter in there with the help of a ticket that is paid for.

This is a casual crowd size that is watching the tournament online, but the online watchers are even more intense than those sitting in their homes and enjoying the show. Hence money is made both via ticket sales and online streaming that is taking place. If online titles such as Overwatch or call of duty had location-based teams, the owners might think about buying their own stadiums.


Merchandising, without any doubt, is the best way for the eSports organizations to make money as there are going to be fans for the dedicated eSports team, and given the degree of hype they are in, impulsive shopping about their favorite eSports team is bound to happen. That is why you might see clothing accessories such as T-shirts, hoodies, and more for sale from a dedicated eSports team. If not that, then a certain irreplaceable item that carries the authorized signature of the lead players in that team and so on so. It doesn’t only stop at clothing as there are other things that can be sold, such as mousepads, CPU cases, and such with the big, bold name of the eSports team shining in glitter and all.

However, in a way, things are different for eSports merchandising than in-game purchases. The in-game purchases allow the player to update their skin or adapt a new pair of glasses to help them advance their progress within the game, and gaming companies make a handsome amount of money through this exercise. This exercise not only helps the game companies and developers immensely, but the eSports teams and organizations also get a fair cut of the deal by advertising such content to the public.


The tournaments and matches that are conducted from time to time where the eSports organizations battle each other to win an ulterior prize that is always a money pool. In the 2017 league of legends world tournament, there were more than 80 thousand people in attendance, and the winning prize was about $4.5 million. This is the type of revenue that is not a guaranteed one and is pretty inconsistent, sometimes a favorite or a dedicated team might win it, and at others, it might not very well. Even after a prize is won, the eSports organizations take a fair cut of their own, and the rest of it is distributed among the team members.

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Sam Allcock
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