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How Important Is Quality Sleep For Our Health

We all know that sleeping helps people get relaxed and refreshed. But it happens only when you take quality sleep.

Sleeping is a habit that helps in maintaining the health conditions in many ways. But do you know that taking a good sleep is not as easy as we think? A quality sleep depends on several things. However, when we are tired nothing matters, and we just sleep over at any place. During these times, we can get a quick nap but can never enjoy quality sleep. To get a quick and good-quality sleep it is important to look after all the things which are essential.

According to research, it is said that one should make perfect preparation for falling  asleep so that they can wake up in the morning with full energy. Perfect selection of bed and mattress, cleanliness, and many more such things affect our sleep. Let’s have a look at some of such things that affect our sleep. Check out:

Mattress Matters

Mattress plays a vital role in making your sleep better. There are multiple types of mattresses available that can give you comfort with their unique features. The size, length, and width help you to sleep in a better way so that you do not have to feel uncomfortable. A variety of materials are used to make different types of mattresses. The material also makes the mattresses differ from one another. There are several types of mattresses and materials available like the hybrid, the memory foam, the latex, the innerspring. All these materials have their own features and benefits.The famous material in which people always get confused in comparing is latex vs memory foam. Let us firstly understand what latex and memory foam mattresses are.

Latex mattresses are made up of the material harvested from rubber trees. Latex can be classified into two types, natural and synthetic. It prevents dust allergy while sleeping. Along with this, it is naturally resistant to dust and bacteria. The temperature is also controlled by the latex mattress. As it is made up of natural rubber trees, this is eco-friendly and free from chemicals.

If we talk about a memory foam mattress, then we say that this is a type of material made up of polyurethane. Like latex mattresses, the memory foam is also well resistant to bacteria and dust. And because of its open cell structure, it helps in cooling the bedding temperature. It can easily adjust to the shape of the body and get back again to its original shape when someone gets up from the mattress.

Different Bed And Mattress Sizes

Along with the material, the size of the bed also matters. One should select the size that fits comfortably in your room. Along with these, other things which should also be considered are how many people are going to sleep on the mattress and what is their body shape. Do not hesitate to clear out all these doubts so that you can get a good sleep from choosing the right mattress. This is your basic right to ask any query while you go for purchase. Clearing your doubts comes under the sales process of the outlet or the brand.

Here are some common types of bed sizes available in the market that matter so much while proving you a good sleep. Check out:

  • Single Size Mattress: This is a type of mattress that is ideal for a room that is at least 10 feet by 7 feet. This is a good choice for the kid’s room. It is 72 inches in length and 36 inches in width.
  • Twin Size Mattress: This is a little bit wider than the single-size mattress with 72 inches in length and 42 inches in width. This can be easily fitted in a room that measures at least 10.5 feet by 8.5 feet. This is good for the hostlers, teenagers, or single adult sleepers.
  • Queen Size Mattress: The dimension of the mattress is 72 inches in length and 6o inches in width. It is a perfect choice for young couples. But if both the couples need more space separately then this is not the right choice. It can be best fitted in the guest room.
  • Queen XL Size Mattress: The Dimensions of this bed are slightly more than the queen size bed. It is 72 inches long and 66 inches wider and can be fit well in the room with 10 feet by 10 feet. People get extra space in this bed. Couples can crawl easily on the bed and it is also a good choice for the master bedroom.
  • King Size Mattress: If you want to sleep like a queen then select a king-size mattress that is 72 inches long and 72 inches wider. A couple can sleep properly with a child or a pet with them on this size bed. This can be easily adjusted in a room of 11 feet by 11 feet.
  • King XL Size Mattress Dimensions: The bed size is 72 inches long and 78 inches wider which is one of the biggest beds that can attract people who have the big room. It needs space of 11 feet by 11 feet in the room. People can sleep comfortably on such bed size with the feeling of being king in the room.

For further clarification of your doubts, you can also make comparisons between many mattresses to get effective results of your purchase. For example if you need clarifications between twin vs full, then you need to understand beforehand what a twin size and full size mattress is.

Twin size mattresses are the smallest size available and can be used by children, small teens and single adults of medium heights. They are ideal for smaller rooms with limited space as well as in dorms and guest rooms. The dimension of a twin size mattress is 38 inches by 5 inches. They are available in all sorts of materials.

A full size mattress is enough for grown adults, teenagers and also for couples with a budget. This mattress size is also fit for smaller rooms and couples who need cozy places to fall asleep can use this bed. Available in all sorts of materials, this bed has the dimension of about 54 inches by 75 inches.

A Quick Glimpse On Another Factor That Affects Quality Sleep

  • Make a proper schedule of sleeping and waking up.
  • Do not exercise before going to bed.
  • Do not use phones and other gadgets while you are in bed.
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol before going to bed.
  • Maintain cleanliness and hygiene to the place where you sleep
  • Avoid taking heavy meals at night.

The Bottom Line

Sleeping is the best thing as it helps our body to restore and boost energy. There are some quick tips and tricks that affect your sleep in many ways. Try them and enjoy a good sleep.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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