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How is Tooth Filling Beneficial in Preventing Tooth Decay

Dental cavities are a common issue these days where people have dents or holes in their teeth which acts as a home to dangerous bacteria. The bacteria live rent-free in these holes and use the sugar from the food to create acid and form a plaque on the teeth. People must have good oral hygiene to prevent any decay in the mouth as it is painful and unhealthy.

When you visit your dentist and say you have a cavity that needs a filling, he gives you the right advice. If there is high decay damage, it may even show on the outer side of your mouth because the nerve inside does not have any space to expand. Dental fillings work like magic on our teeth.

A tooth filling is nothing but covering the hole or dent in your teeth to block any further decay that may occur if left open. The filling material used to fill the teeth varies in price range but is picked depending upon your teeth’ condition. 

Symptoms of Tooth decay

There is a variation in the symptoms of cavities, mostly because of the location and the damage caused by the decay. During the onset of decay, A person might not feel any pain or symptoms, but the symptoms might come up as it grows. 

The common symptoms include Toothache, which may be spontaneous without any known reason. Stained teeth in white or black color or any visible hole in your teeth is another symptom of emerging tooth decay. 

Causes of Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is caused because of the plaque formation in your teeth which is hard and acts as a shield to the bacteria. The plaque occurs when the teeth are not brushed well or a consistent lack of good oral hygiene. Sugar and starch intake are risky for teeth health; if the plaque film stays on your tooth for too long, it starts to wear out the minerals in the tooth’s enamel, which allows the bacteria to create holes and start the tooth starting to decay. 

The destruction process continues and reaches the Dentin of the tooth, which is a softer and less acid-resistant layer. It communicates with the nerve that causes sensitivity. 

It may further damage the pulp causing immense pain and discomfort.

Tooth Decay and Tooth Filling

When you have consistent or spontaneous pain in your teeth, it is a sign to visit your doctor if the pain does not go away by following basic oral hygiene. If you find out that you have a tooth decay problem, the dentist will inform you about the severity of the damage caused by the decay. Tooth decay requires a dental filling to prevent any further damage to the tooth.

 It may be a task to look for a trusted dental service provider. Still, if you are in Australia, you may want to contact Smile Ville, a professional rental service provider who caters to all sorts of oral health problems. From teeth whitening to Dental fillings to getting yourself new dentures, you can trust them. 

Given the fact that good oral hygiene helps prevent tooth decay, however, depending on the damage, you might need to get your tooth filled. A dental filling is when a damaged tooth is cleaned and filled with a solid material such as silver, composite, ceramic, gold, Glass ionomers, etc. The filling material picked to fill your tooth decay basis the damage caused and the cost to be incurred. Once you get your tooth fillings done, the tooth gets back to the teeth’ normal functioning and does not cause any more damage. 

Tooth Strengthening

Tooth fillings reduce the chances of a tooth breaking inwards, chipping, or cracking and also prevent the build-up of bacteria or plaque in the cavities. The hole’s size does not measure the extent of damage; even a small hole can cause serious damage; therefore, a filling is a good way to prevent the damage. Tooth fillings help you avoid any further damages and allow your tooth to function normally. 

Final Words

Tooth decay is common among people these days, they need to be taken care of well in time, or they might also result in the loss of a tooth. Home care is the best remedy for preventing tooth decay if you already do not have a cavity.

Ideally, you should brush your teeth after every meal, but since it is impossible to do it every time, you should at least brush twice a day using a toothpaste containing fluoride. Use of floss and interdental cleaner is suggested to clean between the teeth. Frequent snacking should be avoided because the food stick on our teeth causes cavities that may prove harmful for our dental and overall health. 

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Sam Allcock
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