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Introducing Sahel Majali Sterling BIM Founder

Sahel Majali is an engineering expert with over three decades of experience within the global construction and contracting industry. Majali currently acts as Chairman of the Mid Group, which is the dynamic development, construction and investment company he founded 2014. Part of the Mid Group is Sterling BIM, an in-house multi-disciplinary team comprised of leading consultants, project managers, model managers and design managers. Sahel Majali Sterling BIM founder leads a team that works across all stages of construction projects in multiple sectors. Sterling BIM is based in both London and Amman.

Under the leadership of Sahel Majali Sterling BIM provides clients with a broad range of services in the Building Information Modelling sector. These services can accommodate all stakeholders in any project, creating tailormade solutions that redefine the construction industry. The talented creative team at Sterling BIM delivers streamlined projects, drawing on an array of backgrounds including architectural, infrastructures, MEP and structural.

Sahel Majali and Sterling BIM work to stand out from the crowd by delivering a service that focuses on developing positive partnerships with each client, resulting in the client achieving significantly higher value. The company is flexible, agile and adaptable, meeting challenges head-on to deliver optimum results in the most cost-effective and productive ways possible. Sterling BIM adjusts to all changes in the built environment with ease and meets evolving customer demands through the adoption of new processes, tools and developed services.

Under Sahel Majali Sterling BIM invests in its employees and team members, operating continuous programmes of professional development. These include sending employees and team members on training courses to ensure the entire team is constantly up to date on all the latest trending topics within the industry, both internationally and on a more local basis.

Sahel Majali attended University College in London where he studied for a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. Following his graduation in 1984, Majali moved to the US for further study, where he majored in Construction Management at the George Washington University and achieved his M.E.A. in 1985. Since embarking on his career, Majali has established himself as an expert in his field and a qualified, experienced and innovative leader in construction management.

Between 1991 and 2007, Majali worked as Managing Director and Chairman of the first company he founded, Mid Contracting Jordan, which was based in Amman.

Claire James
Claire James
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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