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Is AI Capable of Writing Reviews on Video Games?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like human beings and replicate their actions. The term can also be considered valid while referring to any machine that displays characteristics linked to a human mind in the likes of learning and problem-solving.

The idyllic attribute of artificial intelligence is that it is capable of rationalizing and acting to achieve a specific goal or providing some solution. Another aspect of artificial intelligence is machine learning or ML. It refers to the idea that computer programs possess the ability to automatically learn from and modify themselves to new data without the assistance of a human being. Mechanized learning through the absorption of huge amounts of unstructured data such as text, images, or video is enabled using the deep learning or DL technique.

The applications for artificial intelligence are infinite, and there are talks about AI taking over our jobs in the near future. AI technology can be applied to various different industries and sectors. For starters, tests are being conducted on AI to analyze its use, application, and effectiveness in the healthcare industry in terms of dosing drugs and conducting treatment in patients, and even for surgical procedures in the operating room.

A few other instances of machines with artificial intelligence would comprise computers that play chess and self-driven cars. In both these systems, the machines have to face the consequence of their actions, and it will have a major impact on the end result. 

The financial industry also seems to be in need of Artificial intelligence to identify and highlight unusual and risky banking and financial activities, such as odd debit card usage and large account deposits. This will greatly help the bank’s fraud department. AI can also be employed to help streamline and make trading easier. 

What Are the Four Types of Artificial Intelligence?

Types of Artificial Intelligence

It seems like AI is up and ready to become a crucial part of daily human life in the near future, and that is precisely why it is important to comprehend what AI can actually do.

AI is an umbrella term covering several types of artificial intelligence. These subsets can be categorized as per the type of technology required or by the level of intelligence embedded into an AI machine. 

 1. Reactive Machines. Reactive machines are the most basic level of robots. They can neither create memories nor utilize information or data learned to stimulate future decisions. All they can do is simply react to presently existing situations.

 2. Limited Memory. As the name suggests, a limited memory machine can only retain some information learned from monitoring previous events or data, using which it can build knowledge by combining with pre-programmed data. 

3. Theory of Mind. Having thoughts, memories and feelings are a few of the most crucial human traits. These brain patterns influence the decision-making process. The theory of mind researchers is hoping to develop computers that are able to copy human mental models. In other words, they want to build machines that are able to comprehend the thoughts and feelings of people and animals that can affect their own behavior. Theory of mind machines would use the information derived from people and learn from it to react to different situations and communicate effectively.

 4. Self-awareness. Self-awareness AI machines are the most complex type envisioned, and all it is, is a work of science fiction as of yet. It would be the ultimate AI goal. These machines are expected to have human-level consciousness and be aware and comprehend their existence in the world. As conscious beings, these machines would not only be in touch with their own internal state but also be sensitive to the feelings and emotions of others in their proximity.

Significance of Video Game Reviews

The video game and online gambling industry is booming at an astronomical rate, and with so many options, it is often very difficult to choose. It is not possible for one to try out each and every game to finally find one that suits their preference, especially for online casino games since real money is at stake here. Hence, a lot of gamers are dependent upon the reviews and playthrough guides published by either fellow gamers or certified websites. These reviews highlight the key features of the games, which makes their selection process easier and more convenient. It saves a lot of time, and often users come across new titles to try out. Furthermore, some of these reviews sport tips and tricks to clear different levels or win more easily. This can prove to be of great help to the beginners or newbies as a positive start will only boost their gaming morale. 

Writing reviews is a skill, and not everyone can fit into the role. Firstly, they have to have a keen interest in the subject so that their article or review reflects their own opinion on the matter. This greatly enhances credibility. Readers are looking for recommendations; hence, reviewers are to keep this in mind. They have to be aware of the minutest details of the game: its developer, features, point system, probable strategies, rules, and much more. All the data should be factual and authentic. Mention must be made of the quality of sound and graphics and the story and style of the in-game characters.

Can AI Write Video Game Reviews?

Content writing, no matter how factual or informative, is a creative skill, and no robot or Artificial Intelligence can totally replace writers. It would take Self-Awareness AI Machines to play a game, understand its implications and impacts on itself and write reviews of the same. As already mentioned before, Self-Awareness AI machines are not a reality, and they probably never will be either. 

But AI can still help! Picture teaming up with artificial intelligence that is aware of your style of writing and has read every single word you’ve ever written, almost like a language model that has been picked up from your essays, posts, dictated notes, scanned diary entries, early drafts, favorite quotes, research files, and every other scrap of thought that makes your writing unique.

Casino Slots: Is It Possible for a Robot to Play and Write Gambling Reviews?

Casino slot games are a rage across the world, with billions of punters investing real cash into these gambling opportunities. And leading providers such as Microgaming, Playtech, Azumi, etc., dishing out hundreds of themed slots almost every month. These slots come with Free Spins, bonuses, interesting symbols, winning combinations, and many more. However, a punter needs to mindfully review the Terms and Conditions around the wagering needs before investing real cash.

It is not possible for one to try out each and every game to finally find one that suits their preference, especially for online casino games since real money is at stake here. However, some online casinos do offer different kinds of no deposit bonuses for customer’s attraction or retention, like no deposit bonus Australia. Hence, a lot of gamers are dependent upon the reviews and playthrough guides published by either fellow gamers or certified websites.

A Concluding Thought

You can depend upon your AI writing partner to deliver a sharp critique of your essay and suggest ways to improve. Artificial intelligence will never replace writers. Writing is a skill that requires originality to sustain, and “Artificial” Intelligence will not cut it. Nevertheless, it will assist you in enhancing your writing process by providing you with a customized reader and editor calibration to help develop your style, voice, and themes. Perhaps with the help of AI machines, writers will be able to churn out more accurate articles. 

If we were to imagine AI machines playing video games to comprehend and write reviews, it would be quite an interesting battle of codes and programs. Would human beings become too complacent with AI machines breaking down and solving codes? Would human beings lose out on their creativity and start to resemble robots and machines? Guess, we will have to find out.

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