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Pay Per Click with Pearl Lemon – Cutting Edge Clicks for your Company


So if you’re anything like me, you may be largely responsible for the digital marketing strategies for a well known brand. You may be the Chief Marketing Officer for a major agricultural company. or you may be selling a line of established lingerie.

The point is that you want a successful presence online for a brand that has recognition.  If you sell winter jackets, your products may already be on major retailer’s shelves. The problem is you just haven’t yet made the transition on to the internet and are therefore looking for an online presence.

Pearl Lemon will help you do just that. As an established PPC Management Services company, they will help make that necessary jump.

Why Pay Per Click.

I’ve already outlined what PPC is in my last article, but one of the things that I really want to bring up is that PPC gives you an online presence. Have you ever asked yourself ‘where have all these innovative advertisements on Google come from?’ and more importantly, ‘Why haven’t I been able to create these?’

These are certainly valid questions. Nearly all of the advertisements that you are seeing on Google are through their vast array of Google Ads. From Ads that you are seeing on Youtube to ads that you are seeing when you open Gmail. All these options are different varieties of Google’s advertising platforms and these are all operated through Pay Per Click.

A PPC Management Services Company will help you establish your online presence in all of these areas.

Why Do I need a PPC Agency.

Many major brands have now established a digital marketer or marketing team to build their online presence. However you may run into two key issues.

The first issue is that the amount of work that creating these Google Ads involves can be extremely time consuming. As someone who worked on Amazon managing sponsored products, the workload and supervision that an ad requires can very quickly spiral out of control. You may have to start bringing in additional marketers just to watch the ‘statistics’ for these campaigns.

Before you know it, you have a team of three individuals working on this and your employee costs start spiralling. Before long, it is no longer a worthwhile investment to create ads as all the expected revenue that you will derive from them are now being paid out to a cost heavy team.

A PPC agency like Pearl Lemon will provide you with a whole array of Google Ads that will be professionally managed and will be far more cost effective than having to bring in a whole digital marketing team.

Additionally, you will want the experience a PPC management services agency will provide. If an agency has already been managing the portfolios of other company’s brands, then they will know how to operate the ads most effectively, what works and more importantly what doesn’t.

Experience in effective advertisement management takes a lot of time and experience. The rules of Ads change all the time. An agency will be well aware of these changes and will not leave you with an in house agency that has become redundant overnight.

My experience in Amazon Ads taught me a valuable lesson. The company that is running the platform is dictating the rules. Amazon decides what will be advertised and what won’t. Sometimes Amazon changes its rules overnight and some campaigns that you were running are no longer eligible. An example of this is in health supplements. Amazon recently decided that companies could no longer have advertisements for health supplements on their platform.

 This change is unanticipated. Your marketing team could be left in the lurch. The Pearl Lemon PPC agency will anticipate any major change such as that and change strategy. An agency that is aware of those rules will be able to anticipate the unanticipated and shift emphasis on new advertisements if old ones are prevented from functioning.

Cost Effectiveness is their Emphasis.

 If you’re a major brand or a small entrepreneur who doesn’t have the time or capital to invest in the knowledge and expertise PPC ads require, then a leading PPC agency is the most prudent path to go down.

Many individuals like to ‘go it alone’ and create their own paid advertisements. The problem is that your costs start spiralling out of control if you aren’t aware of the technicalities associated with targeting your audience. You need effective keyword research or ads that are tailored to appear in your local area of business operation.

Pearl Lemon as a premier PPC agency in London, will take care of budgets. They will make sure that all your advertisements are relevant to your audience and are well managed to cost.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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