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The myths that inspire your favourite themed Slots

When you step through the doors of a virtual casino, or open up your browser in other words, you will be presented with a huge range of fantastical online slot games, with each and every theme imaginable.

Thanks to developments in technology, modern video slots have sleek graphics and inventive symbols to entertain and delight its players. Plus, the themes of the games have expanded to include characters and quests from mythology. If these are the types of games you like to play, let us delve deeper into the myths behind these specially themed Slots.

Ancient Egyptian Themed Slots

The ancient tombs of Egypt provide the perfect setting for an adventurous slot game – as, of course, does the pharaoh’s treasure that awaits you on your epic excursion. The Egyptian deities feature heavily in these themed games, as traditionally they are benevolent and can bestow good fortune upon their followers. The gods or goddesses in Slots therefore, usually appear as the more lucrative and sought-after symbols, such as the wild or scatter.

There are several deities in ancient Egyptian mythology, all of which have complex characteristics, as well as an association with the culture at the time. The god Osiris, for example, is one of the main Egyptian deities, symbolising death and resurrection, but is also connected with the cycle of floods of the river Nile.

Horus is another god that is likely to feature in your favourite slot game, and is depicted with the head of a falcon in Egyptian mythology. The legend explains how his eyes are associated with the sun and the moon, and his presence is linked to the phases of the moon.

The last ruler and queen of the Kingdom of Egypt, Cleopatra’s legacy has withstood the test of time, becoming a legendary figure in modern culture and supposed icon of supreme beauty. She is also a common feature in today’s Slots, and is usually the most rewarding symbol in the game.

Viking Themed Slots

Consisting of brave heroes and various deities, Norse mythology provides a range of exciting characters and settings that lend themselves well to the atmosphere of Slots. With Thor and his mighty hammer as the god of thunder, and the spear-bearing Odin as the ruler of Asgard, these are figures who are likely to feature in this style of slot.

The stories of the Norse gods were originally passed down the generations of Scandinavian people by spoken word. They were then transcribed into Norse texts in the 13th century in Iceland. Mainly taking the form of poetry, they depicted the numerous gods and their epic adventures. As previously mentioned, Thor was the most popular god, frequently shown as defeating his foes. His iconic and heroic figure still remains in pop culture today, and is present in many online games.

Irish Themed Slots

The pot of gold at the end of a rainbow is an imaginative and figurative prize that we’d all like to win. So, it’s no wonder that several modern video Slots feature the countryside of Ireland as its backdrop, along with four leaf clovers and lucky horseshoes as just some of their symbols. Of course, the cheeky chap synonymous with Ireland – the leprechaun – is a welcome feature of these slot games. But where does this Irish legendary figure originate from?

From traditional Irish folklore, the leprechaun was originally a form of fairy, who enjoyed cobbling shoes and playing practical jokes. The earliest known reference to the leprechaun is believed to be in the medieval tale of Echtra Fergus mac Léti – which translates to The Adventure of Fergus son of Léti. In this story, the lúchorpáin (leprechauns) are captured by the main protagonist, after partaking in mischievous behaviour, and offer three wishes for their release.

Over the years, this fairy has come to be depicted as a short-bearded man, with the tendency for mischief still remaining. When it comes to slot games, the leprechaun is usually the highest value symbol, or rewards the player with a prize or bonus game.

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