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TV Aerial Installation Essex: How to Choose the Right TV Aerial

If you are considering aerial TV in your home, you have access to different possibilities to choose from. Most importantly, you ought to ensure all the components are fully functional, including the TV aerial. A TV aerial company can help you choose the best aerial and also guide with the installation process. Below is a guide on how to choose the right TV aerial compatible with your needs.


TV aerials can either be indoor or outdoor types. The indoor ones are more popular and can be positioned in hidden locations within the house. However, if you prefer a more retro appearance, you can get TV aerials in the “rabbit ears” style. The outdoor TV aerial sits on top of the roof and bypasses some signal-blocking objects.


Among all the various TV aerials, some are listed as range. This indicates how far the TV aerial model can reach to get hold of a signal. In most cases, the higher the number, the more TV channels you are likely to get.


TV aerials can be directional or omnidirectional. Both come with their unique advantages. For example, with the omnidirectional model, the signal comes from multiple directions and possibly increases the number of channels you can watch.

On the other hand, the directional model pulls a signal from a specific area, leading to a stronger signal but potentially fewer channels. The multi-directional model is always the ideal choice unless you stay at a significant distance from any metropolitan area or have several obstructions.

Does the TV Aerial Have Good, Reliable Signal for your Area?

When choosing a TV aerial, the most important step is choosing one powerful enough to access almost all channels offered in your area. Moreover, you need to ensure that you don’t choose an aerial that is too powerful if you are in an area with a reliable signal. This is to avoid overwhelming your digital turner.

Moreover, you may have to determine if the local networks moved to UHF after the digital switchover or decided to stay in their ordinary channels. Several areas will only need a UHF-only HDTV aerial. However, some may need a UHF and VHF option. If you are not sure about any of this, consult with your TV aerial company before purchasing a TV aerial.

Things to Consider Before TV Aerial Installation

Research possible signals that can be tapped from your home. Also, find out how these transmissions are and their originating direction since this will help ensure you install your new TV aerial in the best possible location.

An indoor TV is also a good option. Inquire with your neighbors what channels they are getting and how efficient the indoor option can be. With today’s digital broadcasting, you may enjoy a reliable transmission, no picture, or a picture showing irregularly.


You will come across different TV aerials being sold across shops. A TV aerial expert can help you choose properly. Finally, contact a reliable expert for your TV aerial installation needs in Essex for quality and effective services.

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Sam Allcock
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